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Explore the System: Windows 7

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Are you tired of Windows Vista? Are you struggling with the old Windows? Are you in need of a serious update? If so, check out Windows 7 and all of its components for a fresher start and better working computer.

Windows 7 was actually created from PC users and their ideas, complaints and suggestions. Windows 7 was designed to make a simpler way to organize your data, and even surf the web and download games in a simpler and better fashion.

Windows 7 includes some amazing new features such as the "pin" where you can now keep programs or files at the bottom of the task bar. There's also the new "touch screen". If you've got Windows 7 you'll be able to move around maps, files, music, etc., with the touch of your hand! Windows 7 also has new options such as:

Live Task bar Previews
Windows Search
Internet TV and
Improved Memory

There are many different editions of Windows 7. It all depends on what you would like to get out of your performance. Here's a quick preview of some of the editions.

W7 Home Premium - It is easy for home use, with Internet on TV using Media Center, quick and easy photos, video and music. Get this: Free TV shows . . . are you convinced yet? For $199 dollars.

W7 Professional - You can recover files, and have automatic backups for you home and business! Move more productively for a business or home work. $199 dollars.

W7 Ultimate - This is the most powerful version of Windows 7. It has the capability to run many Windows XP programs in a Windows XP Mode. It has extra security and extra flexibility' you can use up to 35 different languages! I recommend this! For $219.

If you are looking to upgrade, you're going to have to visit your local Best Buy or electronics store. But if you are in search of a new Dell, Windows 7 will come with your computer, unless asked otherwise.

I hope you take a new interest!

And one more thing . . .

I'm a PC and Windows 7 was actually MY idea.

Author's Note: If I get good feedback on this, or a demand, I'll continue this with a way to get around Windows 7 and some tutorials on how to work. I do not own Windows 7 myself, just educated from http://www.microsoft.com/windows7. Thanks for reading and rating.


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