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The Warp Wagon Incident: Part 3

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Last week, Clara found herself on top of Mt. Rushmore, only to fall off! But, as she slipped backwards and began to fall, someone caught her by the arm and pulled her back up on top.

It turns out that Jamie Olsen was her life saver. She had been parachuting over the national monument, and had happened to land in time to grab Clara. Jamie had some questions of her own though, like, why was a teen girl on top of Mt. Rushmore.

Clara told her the whole story, from beginning to end. Expecting Jamie to laugh so hard she would fall off the mountain herself. But, surprisingly, she listened intently, and believed every bit of it!

After a couple minutes of talking, they decided to try and climb down, just in time for Clara, she was starting to feel dizzy, being up so high.

But something caught Clara's eye, glinting in the sun. She looked more closely and recognized it as the Warp Wagon. She was ecstatic and aggravated at the same time. But nonetheless, she hurried over to it, with Jamie in tow.

Clara knew it would most likely do it over again, and bring her somewhere else, other than Whyville. But, she decided that eventually it would take her home, hopefully. She remembered Jamie behind her, and instructed her to stand back. But Jamie wanted to come with her. Welcome for any company, Clara allowed her to come in. They went through the shaking smoke and flash, and ended up on a . . . a dance floor?

Who is Jamie, really? Whose dance floor are they on? Should they start break dancing?

Same time, same place next week,

Author's Note: Clara and Jamie are NOT in Whyville, I just couldn't find any decent dance floor picture on the Internet.


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