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Today I was roaming through my Microsoft Word documents and found a very interesting one from June 8th, 2008. It was a humorous and poorly written piece of writing that I had created for a Whyville contest. I now cannot believe I would ever submit such an outrageously flawed piece of writing. It was not surprising I didn't win.

The piece of writing named "Dream Kitchen" was from a contest Whyville had on the Welcome Page. The contest listed guidelines and rules, but I never bothered to read them. I now realize how I've grown in my writing "career". I read the rules and study them carefully so I have a better chance at excelling. My technical skills have also grown. Silly remarks have slowly slipped out of my more formal pieces of writing. Parentheses haven't been used lately, and my vocabulary has greatly expanded.

Though it was only from roughly 2 years ago, my writing has improved in more ways than those above. Now there is so much more purpose behind what I type, write, or scribble in my notebooks. So much has happened since a year ago. I've met inspiring friends, had more opportunities in my life, and most importantly - I've grown as a human being. For those out there who have trouble writing for fun, just scribble down your thoughts once in a while.

For the people out there who like to write but can't come up with good topics please y-mail a Times Writer of ask an adult in your life. Lastly for those that think you aren't good enough realize that you have so much incredible potential. Opportunities will come in your life that wouldn't mean anything without expressing how you feel about it in writing. Come on everybody out there; keep on writing! The Times needs articles, your school newspaper could almost always use some help, and contests online never end.

It's time for everybody to pick up their pencils, look back at your old writings, and learn from your mistakes. Tweak those imperfect poems. Roll your eyes at those ridiculous short stories. Have fun looking back at your writing and grow from the experience. I for one have really enjoyed seeing my old pieces and have become a better writer just looking at them.

(Author's note: Below is my piece of writing "Dream Kitchen." Keep in mind it is poorly written and far from perfect. Harsh words about it would be highly unnecessary, so please be nice if commenting on it in the BBS.)

If my school had a "Dream Kitchen," I would make sure that we had the tip-top care of our food. (No mushy pears or soggy sandwiches!) At my school we would have exotic food day, where chefs from different countries come and serve us their specialty foods. As an example, maybe a chef from Jamaica might come and serve us some barbecued chicken kabobs and fruit salad.

Also, if you didn't want to eat the main meal, you could get a choice of a sandwich of which you could put on anything you wanted to with the handy-dandy squirt-o-meter! What is this? How do you use it? Listen up! First of all, you type in the name of what you want on your sandwich on a keyboard hooked up to the machine. Then, you get out two pieces of bread, lay them out, and push a big green button on the machine so that lets say the word "ham" was pressed in. Now, push a red button and hold on tight as the squirt-o-meter spits out a white liquid on your bread. (Don't worry it doesn't make the bread soggy!) Slap the pieces together and enjoy a (sort of) ham sandwich. (The white liquid tastes like whatever food you typed in!) Now that you have some wonderful foods, a (sort of) ham sandwich, Now that you have some wonderful foods, let's get some excellent drinks! (Let's say lemonade) and pour the liquid in a cup! (Which would be any color of the rainbow!) Ta Da! Now your school will enjoy the best food and drink on the planet in your very own cafeteria!


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