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How to Buy or Rent a House

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Are you a Newbie or even an Oldbie who wants to buy a house but just can't figure out how? Or do you want to learn how to rent a house with your friend? If "yes" was your answer to either of these questions then this is article for you!

If you want to build a house then you have to get the land first, which is called a plot. To get a plot you have to visit the Land Office on Monday or Thursday. If it takes you a few weeks to get a plot don't worry. It can be very hard to go on to Whyville at just the right time to get a plot. The plots are free so you won't need any clams or pearls to get one.

Once you have a plot you can click the home button at the top of the page to go to your house. When you go there for the first time you won't have any bricks and there will not be a house already built for you. To get bricks you can visit the Whyville Bazaar and go to Pepe's Brick Emporium. You can purchase bricks for clams or pearls there. To buy furniture you can go to the Furniture Farm, which is also at the Whyville Bazaar. After you buy bricks and furniture you can build and decorate your house.

If you want to rent a house with someone, such as a friend or even me, Kerry114, then you have to ask your friend to let you rent space in his or her house. It is free to rent a house because the owner got the plot for free. If you rent a house you will not be able to build or decorate it. The building and decorating is the owner's job.

If you own a house and want to have a friend rent space in the house with you then you need to go to your satchel. In your satchel you will find a Guest Book. Click on the Guest Book and you can add or remove people from your house.

I hope this article helped!
- Kerry114


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