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Scam Bust!

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It seems scams are everywhere! People selling pearls and scions, or maybe the last existing Elmo . . . But I recently came upon a new one, which seems to spreading quickly among the scammers.

I was chatting with some friends at the South Beach, just minding my own business, when a girl walked up to me and asked, "Hi, would you like to triple ALL your clams?!" I instantly suspected a scam, but decided to play dumb, and go along.

So I told her yes and she replied, "Good, meet me at the trading post, room 50." I followed her there and sat in the chair. She told me to put up all the clams I wanted tripled, so I did.

"Okay, now type out 'triple clams' three times!" she told me. I did it, but I already knew what was coming next. She then told me to click agree three times, waiting three seconds between each click. Obviously, I didn't do it. I'm not really in to the "lose all your clams" thing.

I attempted to ask her some questions about the scam, and if a lot of people fall for it. She refused to do so, though. And I've already seen a lot of people around popular chat rooms saying things like, "123 TO TRIPLE UR CLAMZ!" So, like I said earlier, it is quickly gaining popularity.

If you can guess, people new to the site quickly fall into the scammer's trap, considering that they probably don't even have over 50 clams, and aren't aware of scamming on Whyville.

Stay alert,


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