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Your mom comes in to tell you it's time for lights out. You're lying in bed, reading an awesome book that is much to difficult to put down.

"Five more minutes!" you beg. "I'm in a really good part, and I'm almost done with the book!"

Time passes by. Suddenly, it's midnight. You're still reading the book.

1 AM. You're almost finished.

2 AM. You have a few pages to go.

What I absolutely LOVE about books is that they can really grab you, and make you become the character you're reading about. They can actually take you places. Besides, how else would you be able to get to China from America for free?

Books can go beyond all that we know. Books can make things like Cinderella and other fairy tales come to life. Books can convince us that a rabbit is a rat. Books have superpowers, and can do anything.

I could spend hours in the library looking for books that amaze me. Most of you would think of libraries as nothing special. It is just a place where boring, multicolored books sit among the shelves, and librarians constantly tell you to "Shhh".

Libraries may be boring, but what the library's contents hold makes it a palace. Books, boring? Not by a CHANCE.

Now, you've just finished the book you have been reading.

There's a question, just itching to be answered.

What should I read next?


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