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Cool and Fabulous: The Rare Items

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Rare items - they make people rich and happy. But what makes them rare? What makes them "cool"? Are they really worth that much? To answer these questions, I interviewed some Whyvillians (Cass402, SpOrTyAx, and WaterMel8) to get some different points of view.

LoveEmma: What's your favorite rare item?
Cass402: I don't have many rare items, so I don't really have a favorite.
SpOrTyAx: I don't really have a favorite rare.
WaterMel8: I have way too many! Anything rare is a favorite to me, but I really like Tokio Hotel by Ducky464.

LoveEmma: What do you think makes your favorite rare item rare?
Cass402: A lot of people think rares are only rare if they're by a designer who sells out a lot. I don't think so. Well, I guess those are rare, but to me, it's just an item that's creative and original.
SpOrTyAx: Creativity is usually found in most of my favorites.
WaterMel8: Its uniqueness. The way it looks on you. And it's rare to me because when you're out on the town, people notice it and you get compliments and you just get a happy feeling knowing you're wearing something that comes around only once in a while!

LoveEmma: What do you think makes rare items "cool"?
Cass402: I think that you can get a lot of clams for them, so that's pretty cool.
SpOrTyAx: The price you can sell them for.
WaterMel8: I think it's so "cool" because it symbolizes "clams". It means you have a lot of clams so you were able to buy it, or you were on long enough to catch it in Akbar's, which makes you cool and your item!

LoveEmma: What is the definition of "rare item" to you?
Cass402: Something that isn't restocked often (or is completely discontinued) and can be sold/bought for a lot in trade.
SpOrTyAx: Something that doesn't get restocked for awhile.
WaterMel8: Something that doesn't get restocked for awhile. Something that is no longer being made, or something that is expensive in trade.

LoveEmma: Have you ever been scammed out of a rare item?
Cass402: I sold Camilla for very little, like, 100 clams, because I didn't even know it was rare at the time, but later that day I saw it being sold for over 1k.
SpOrTyAx: You can't really be scammed.
WaterMel8: No, thankfully I haven't! But I have to say, not proud, I've scammed myself!

LoveEmma: Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Cass402: No, that's it!
SpOrTyAx: Hmmm, no.
Watermel8: Scamming isn't good! Work hard, make clams, and have tacos when ya get the chance!

Now, I leave you with these thoughts: Rare items aren't what Whyville is all about. Sure, it's nice to have them, and to sell them to get clams. But scamming someone for a rare item? How would you honestly feel if someone did that to you?

Author's Note: If you'd like to be in my next interview, y-mail me and the lucky first 3 will get to be in it!


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