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They tell you that your dreams are dumb, or impossible. They say that you won't ever be president, a pilot, a fashion designer or a world renowned chef. You're just an average kid living in an average town with an average life.

So you discard those silly dreams of your future. You crumple it up and toss it in the trash, forever storing it in the depths of your mind, never to see light again. What's the point of continuing to dream about it, you can't really become a C.E.O of a company; it's just a childish dream, right? Wrong.

Dreams are by no means impossible. While some of them might be quite difficult, becoming an astronaut for example, what's to stop you from doing it . . . people and their words?

What you dream up is something sacred, something your mind put together that should never be let go. Some dreams may not come true. But, you know the random day dreams you come up with during math class? Those dreams are something your imagination created, something no one can ever take away from you.

Now, I'm not saying that just because you dreamt you were going to become the richest person in they world, it's going to happen. Dreams are the first part, the foundation of your future and career. You'll also need hard work and determination.

Dreams let you explore the world; see what scenario works best for you. You get to create your own worlds, characters and situations. Your imagination is the key to these dreams, the one and only thing in the whole world that can unlock these treasures.

Don't listen to discouraging people. They can't see the future. They have no way of knowing what's in store for you and your brilliant mind. Don't let people tell you that your fantastic dream worlds are silly, because they aren't. They are amazing and fascinating.

Never let your dreams go, they need you and you need them. And don't forget to dream it!


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