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This week, I nominated a person I met at the Waterfall. She has a great personality and is very nice. This week's WITS is jen9711!

Hailey311: How did you find out about Whyville?
jen9711: My friend told me about it.
Hailey311: What is your favorite food?
jen9711: My favorite food is chicken, even though I hate to kill animals.
Hailey311: What is your favorite drink?
jen9711: My favorite drink is water. I have to stay fit, ya know!
Hailey311: How did you come up with your username?
jen9711: I came up with this username because when I heard about Whyville, I was 11 -- so 97 was a lucky number.
Hailey311: What is your favorite color?
jen9711: My favorite color is blueish greenish, 'cause I love 'em both!
Hailey311: What is your favorite animal?
jen9711: I love all animals but if I had to pick, a tiger.
Hailey311: What is your favorite shape?
jen9711: I don't have a favorite shape. I feel all shapes are the same.
Hailey311: Do you have any pets?
jen9711: I have a dog.
Hailey311: What is your favorite book?
jen9711: I like little kids books. They make me laugh.
Hailey311: Who is your best friend on Whyville?
jen9711: My best friend on Whyville is fluber65 because I know him in real life.

Wow! She seems really interesting. Let's learn some more info. She has visited Whyville 227 times since Saturday, May 31, 2008 and she earns 81 clams a day! I really enjoyed meeting jen9711. I might be coming back with more WITS! Maybe you're next!


Author's Note: Thanks for reading everyone! I want to thank jen9711 for taking her time to answer these questions. I am ALWAYS taking constructive criticism! If you have any questions, y-mail me or post in the BBS.


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