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I don't know about you but I am one of those people who gets on Whyville when they are bored. Lately I've became obsessed with the Times, so I have been searching in the archives for random articles. I was searching for articles about Whyville history and I came upon a Times Writer, Giggler01. Her article was okay, so I searched her name. Several articles came up and I began devouring through them.

I was hooked for hours staring at my computer screen, and then inspiration hit me. I should write about Giggler01. It sounded like a good plan so that I could give new Whyvillians a taste of old Whyville. I am newer because I joined in early 2008 so I learned a lot. Today I will be exploring the writings of Giggler01.

I was wondering how long Giggler01 actually wrote for the Times. Her career extended from December 13, 2000 until June 7, 2009. She wrote for approximately nine years. That's a long time. It all began with "Merry What???" (885) to "Suburbia" (10351). Isn't amazing how you can spend your prime on Whyville and just read it all back through the Whyville Times?

Another question was burning a hole in my pocket. How many articles did Giggler01 write? She has written 165 articles. She also had some guest writers write with her. Those include Babypowdr, Pinelope, Googles, and many others. I wonder how many articles she sent in total, but I guess we'll never know.

As I went about reading her articles I did pick a few favorites. I prefer her newer ones, although the old articles were good too. I enjoyed "High School" (10064), "Confessions of a Washed Up Times Writer" (9963), and "Why Date?" (8693).

Giggler01 has written so many articles and I can only hope to do half as good as she did. The majority of her articles were written between 2002-2003. She just loved to leave you asking questions or processing the new ideas that she threw your way. I just think about it and smile. I was mostly left confused but that's the beauty of it. There were other times when she would inform you on a new event or even make you laugh until you peed your pants. I just like to sit back and think that I read Whyville history. It passes through in her articles and I highly recommend Giggler01 to any Newbies who are confused about Whyville.

While I scanned over article titles it never occurred to me that Giggler01 would spend the time to type up countless articles just to please the Whyvillians who enjoyed the Times like a dog treat. I have personally never met Giggler01, yet I think she is an amazing Whyvillian.

I decided to give you a taste of the writing styles of Giggler01. Hopefully it will leave you wanting more. This is an excerpt from "Confessions of a Washed Up Times Writer" (9963).

A search through the archives proves fruitless. I used to know what was going on with Whyvillians! A prolonged absence will put you out of touch and thus I am out of touch with the current generation, which makes me sound like I'm 100 years old but it's exactly how I feel. My empty inbox confirms that I am indeed forgotten in Whyville and though I momentarily feel excited at receiving mail, I quickly realize that it is just a Whyville Guides Reminder. At the moment I feel less than qualified to guide new Whyvillians through Whyville - and it doesn't even serve as inspiration for an article!

Maybe a carton of Ben and Jerry's will help inspire me. Unfortunately, the trip to the convenience store turns out to be a bit of a distraction, since I end up meeting a friend and going over to their place instead. Several hours later, I come home to a still-blank computer screen with no ideas to populate the white space. I decide to visit the Beach - I recall that it used to be fairly popular and perhaps I can meet someone who will inspire me. Instead I just sit in a corner for 5 minutes without speaking to the two girls who are there discussing face parts. The situation is worse than I had feared.



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