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Technology: Where Would we be Without it?

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Today I was sick and lying in bed with my laptop on my lap. Meanwhile, I was playing games on my iPod. At the same time, I was texting and instant messaging my friends. That got me thinking about how much people today, especially kids and teenagers, use technology.

I decided to ask a few people some questions about technology.

cass402: Do you think technology has a large impact on your life?
WaterMel8: It has an extreme impact. So many major happenings go on through technology devices!
bylanna: Yes, almost everything I use during the day has to do with some type of technology.
booksRus: Yes.
Candylu90: Yes, technology has a large impact on my life. I mean, I use it all the time. It is something that I use everyday of my life. Without it, I wouldn't be having fun at Whyville.
AstRay: Of course! It's always the talk of the town.

cass402: How often do you use technology on a usual day?
WaterMel8: I am always using technology! I use the computer at least four hours! I also use cameras and video cameras. But I do enjoy the outdoors and being with family more!
bylanna: At least 6 times. (Computer, phone, lab equipment, iPod, microwave, vacuum, dishwasher.)
booksRus: I use it a lot. I'd say 4 hours a day, give or take.
Candylu90: Well, I use technology every day. If I am not watching TV I am using the computer. If I am not on the computer I am on my phone. Technology is something everyone uses once in a while. Or all the time.
AstRay: Well . . . I don't have a cell phone and I don't really use Facebook or Twitter, which probably makes it a lot less than most people my age. I do love my computer though, and the old iPod is playing almost all the time.

cass402: What piece of technology would you say you spend the most time using?
WaterMel8: Computer, of course.
bylanna: My computer.
booksRus: Computer/Laptop, definitely!
Candylu90: The piece of technology that I would say I spend the most time using is the computer. I spend a lot of my time on it. I mean, I am active sometimes but I just love the computer. What would I do without it? I know there is TV and other technology, but I just love the computer!
AstRay: Definitely the computer. I use it to get in touch with people, as a cookbook, as a dictionary and encyclopedia, as a leisure activity and as a pen and paper. I guess that's what it's meant for, eh?

cass402: Do you rely a lot on technology?
WaterMel8: Sadly, yes. But when needed, I know how and what to do!
bylanna: Yes, but I can stand being away from it for a few weeks, but without it things would be very different.
booksRus: No, I like to send owls with letters attached to people when I want to tell them something, makes me feel like Harry Potter . . . Of course I rely on technology!
Candylu90: I would have to say that I rely a lot on technology. I mean, a lot of people in the world would say that, too. Today it's very important. What if you wanted help with, let's say a math problem, and no one was around to help you? You would look it up on the computer, right? No Technology? That would be impossible. Technology is what many people rely on to have fun.
AstRay: At this point I would say yes. I'm trying to become less dependent, though, going all archaic with books and writing letters and meeting for coffee instead of Google, e-mail and IMing.

cass402: Do you think technology has a positive or negative impact on the modern world?
WaterMel8: Both! It has many amazing and helpful things, but it also leads to many bad things.
bylanna: It has a positive and negative impact. Positive because of stem cell research, DNA fingerprinting, and leisure. But the negative impact's because it's an easy way for predators to find children and lure them in to being kidnapped.
booksRus: Depends, really. Mostly positive though.
Candylu90: I think that technology has a positive and a negative impact on the modern world. For positive, a lot of people can watch TV and use the computer and have fun. But now the negative impact kids aren't as active. Look at all those kids or people just sitting down watching TV all day and not doing anything. Back a long time ago kids would not have had technology and they would play outside. Kids are not like that now. Well, some are and some are not. So both are right. Technology just brings people down.
AstRay: Both, for sure. I firmly believe that people are using things like cell phones and the Internet to replace normal social interaction and communication, which isn't good. Texting, for me, is the equivalent of pointing and grunting. By being a member of Whyville, though, it's obvious that I love how the Internet can extend communication.

cass402: How often are you on the computer?
WaterMel8: On a scale of 1 through 10, 9.5!
bylanna: Usually and hour and a half when I get home and then a couple hours after dinner.
booksRus: 2 and 1/2 hours a day, I guess.
Candylu90: Now that spring break ended I am on it less. More like 4 or 5 hours? Yes! You won't believe that I was on Whyville for 11 hours. All day long! I love Whyville but too much computer is not good for you! Remember to play outside and have fun.
AstRay: Sometimes I'll go for two or three days without using it at all, and then the next day I'm on for hours.

cass402: Is there anything else you would like to add about technology?
WaterMel8: Use it wisely.
bylanna: Not really, except it's getting better all the time.
booksRus: It is awesome!!
Candylu90: Today technology is something we use all the time. I use it non-stop! But it's also good to go outside and play. Technology is what we all use. I love technology! So thank you once again Cass402 and have a nice day! Bye.
AstRay: Don't drink and drive!

Maybe you're wondering how I would answer all those questions. If you weren't, well, I'm going to tell you anyway.

Do I think technology has a large impact on my life? Yes, yes I do. I think I would go crazy without my iPod. Actually, I know I would, because I lost it yesterday for a few hours and I just about went insane!

How often do I use technology on a usual day? Whenever I get the chance, which is often.

What piece of technology would I say I spend the most time using? Hm, my iPod's way up there, but I think I have to say my computer. Especially when I'm writing, I could stay on it for hours.

Do I rely a lot on technology? Yes I do. Most of my writing is saved to my computer, considering when I write stuff by hand, I lose it soon after it's in the computer. I'm not very good at keeping papers.

Do I think technology has a positive or negative impact on the modern world? I think it's bitter-sweet. It's helpful for homework, research, fun, writing and communication, but some people spend way too much time on it, myself included. Also, some people rely on technology way too much. If I didn't have my computer or cell phone, I'd be lost. But while computers and cell phones are helpful for communication, some people end up lacking social skills because they hardly ever interact with people in person. Many teens use texting more than calling, so they barely ever talk to anyone! That's not very good, in my opinion.

How often am I on the computer? A lot. At least an hour a day when I have a lot of homework, but on a regular day, at least two hours. On weekends it more like 4+ hours.

I don't think I need to answer the last question, considering I'll kind of answer it in the end of the article, which happens to be the next paragraph.

So there you have it, six people's opinions on technology. Technology is always getting better. Think about it, not too long ago, cell phones were huge and clunky, but now they can fit in the palm of your hand. Computers used to be huge and take up a whole room, but now they fit on your lap and have hundreds, maybe thousands of features. It's great . . . most of the time.

Thanks for reading! Bye!


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