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It's Just School

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"It's just school, it's not like it's important." I've heard this statement so many times throughout my life, on Whyville and in my everyday life. I never really understood why people say this so often because in fact, school is important. Of course, we all get fed up with the stress school brings and sometimes the challenging work we are given, but in no way is it "just school".

Getting a good education is a necessary thing in life if you want to go far. Slacking off and giving up won't help you. No one is stupid, even if they say they are. If someone is called "stupid" it doesn't mean he or she is useless, but that he or she is not interested in learning or don't pay attention when he or she is supposed to. I sometimes feel bad for those people who tend to lose interest in class. Their grades start to reach an unacceptable level, and it will make it harder for them to be accepted into an excellent college of their liking.

Unfortunately, I hear of many people dropping out of their later years in high school and early years of college. My neighbors who are now twenty-five and twenty-three are college dropouts. They tell me stories of how they felt they didn't fit in - as if they weren't good enough to be in college. Every time I speak with them, they advise me to go to college and get a proper education so I can go far in life. I do plan on learning as much as I possibly can and getting something out of my classes everyday so I may be a success in my family. I know everyone would be proud, even my neighbors.

Even though at some point in time everybody may think school is boring and a waste of time, it's definitely not. I know there's always that History teacher that gets on your nerves, or that foolish essay you have to write in English class that you think will get you no where. But that teacher may be the best teacher you've ever had, because she nags you to get your work done and she has great pride in you. She believes that you will be a success. And that "senseless" essay you have to write, well that may end up being the best paper you've ever written. School can surprise you at times.

I sometimes catch myself saying "Whoever invented school was absolutely insane." or "Why can't we just ditch?" I know it all comes out of all our mouths, but sometimes we have to stop and think to ourselves, "In the long run, school is going to do me a lot of good, so I might as well try to enjoy it." And perhaps when we're older and into our career we may wish we were in school once again, when everything was less complicated. We'll remember when the largest drama we'd ever discovered was someone stealing our pencil. Life is a learning experience and we must enjoy every bit of information we run into before it's too late.

So now, I advise you, my fellow Whyvillians to stay in school and learn as much as possible. School is an important part of everyone's life and at times we don't realize how fortunate we are. We have our whole life to learn, so we should take in everything while it's still there.

Happy learning!


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