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Jealousy: Good or Bad?

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I never really thought about jealousy until the other day. Coming from a day at the park with my best friend I expected rainbows and leprechauns to come my way for I was happy to have her back. Since we had a small, not important fight the other day, I missed her sarcastic jokes and hilarious impressions. Of course, just like Eve ruined it for Adam, another girl from our school came and met up with us. I felt like I had lost my best friend again because suddenly, I was nonexistent to my friend. Well, or so it seemed in my foggy perspective.

I felt torn between pulling her away from the other girl and keeping my friend to myself or just simply going home and washing my pillow with salty tears. I felt so lost because I had missed my friend so much and all I wanted to do was spend more time alone with her, share secrets and bond. The whole bike ride back, the other girl was keeping my friend away from me and I envied that same girl I wanted to shoot. Of course my friend didn't mean any harm: she was just catching up with her other friend, but I felt pain and longing anyway.

I went home and I thought long and hard about everything that happened that day. I felt like Nicholas Cage in Knowing when I discovered that the other girl meant no harm, evidence of the fact that she tried to include me in the conversation most of the time. I was simply too hard-headed and paranoid that I didn't realize nothing was wrong. I was so caught up in the fact that I had to share my best friend with someone else; I didn't realize that I didn't have ownership over her. Sure I hadn't talked with her for a while, but that didn't mean I could steal and whisk her away from her other friends.

That was the first time I had felt that way towards a friend and I also realized that day that there was no need to be jealous and that I should have been more open minded.

The next day, we met up at the park with that same girl. And we had loads of fun! It turned out that the girl was an awesome person who had the same interests as me; I was just too blind to see at first. I loved the fact that the jealousy was gone because of me! I was the problem all along, not the new girl, it was me!

That day I made a friend and all because of my best friend. So jealousy can be a good thing? Hm . .. no idea what the point of this article is but I am guessing it is something that goes like this:

Jealousy is the green monster on your back
The thing that only some people seem to lack
Most of us are too shallow to see
That the best thing is Jealousy

It keeps you going and gives you motivation
It is the human's mind working, a conscious creation
But what some people might not know,
Is that it doesn't have to be your biggest foe

Embrace Jealousy and create an escape
Say thank you for what you have and hold your faith
Fix that green monster, so evil and chilling
Because in the end, if you do, you'll only be winning

Don't cuss or fuss,
booksRus (I know you're jealous of the way I signed off, don't lie to yourself.)


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