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Guide to GeoDig

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Guide to GeoDig

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GeoDig... the newest way to increase your salary.... Well, of course first of all, you have to actually find the dig site!

Site number one is south of the Tropic of Cancer... where is the Tropic of Cancer?

If you get out a world map, you should be able to find out where the Tropic of Cancer is. I'm going to let you search for that map on your own.

On that world map, place your finger on the Americas. Want a hint? The first site is located north of the Tropic of Capricorn... BETTCHA THOUGHT I'D GIVE YOU THE ANSWER!! LoL, nope, once again, you'll have to search for that on your own.

Hop on the Warp Wagon and head to a city between these two "tropics". Don't forget that it will be in a volcanic area.... Once you get there, you'll notice 3 dig sites. You'll need the pick and the sifter. Click on a dig site and try one of these tools out. McShale will tell you if you're using the wrong tool. If you find something, you'll automatically jump for joy, yelling, "Yay! I found something!"

You'll have to go back to the base camp each time the site runs out of rocks, and just like any real rock dig, you won't know for sure that the site is out. You just have to get a feel for it!

When you feel you've found enough rocks, read your GeoDig book. (Most people put it in their satchel).

Click on "List of Found Rocks". You'll try to identify each one by choosing from the pull-down menu next to it. Back on the front page of the booklet, you'll find pages for each rock. Use these to help you guess.

Guess what? For every 3 rocks you guess correctly, you get one more clam added to your salary!

*Looks at watch* Uh-oh... gotta go! I'll let you try and find site two until next time!

McShale's Fellow RockHound,



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