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Whyville. It's the only website I've ever stuck to; all of the others, I ditch eventually, as cool as they may have seemed. It's just something about our virtual town, our beloved island that we sometimes declare as our second home.

Sure, I've had my moments. I'll zone in and then I'll zone out; be active, and then inactive. I jump on other sites and devour what they have to offer, and yet I unlatch after a few months and then I move on. But like I said before, Whyville is a site that I have never left. I've always been faithful to sign on every day, if not, then every other day. Sometimes I have a burst of desire to be on Whyville, creating face parts, chatting, and sending in articles to the Whyville Times. Other times, I just sign in for my salary and mail and that's it. However much my activity sways up and down, Whyville is a place where I have always been around. I have never dumped it before, and I don't plan to.

I'm not exactly sure how Whyville does it. Maybe it's the educational aura it gives me, its brightness, or the chat rooms. Perhaps it's the way it updates all of the time or something. The uniqueness that it holds is unlike any other site I have ever approached before. Whatever it is, I enjoy it. It's a place for peace and quiet and an area in which I can go to for comfort; or for company. I cherish the cheeriness, the merriment, and the bright splashes of colors that people display. I love the fact that most people don't hesitate to be who they are.

All I can say is this: Whyville is amazing. That's the plain sight of it. I love the face parts, the uniqueness, the people, the colors, the scions, the chat rooms, and the interesting way that it's designed. The list goes on and on, and every single thing is phenomenal in its own peculiar way. Every little detail about the virtual world that we can find a safe haven in is just breathtaking. I think that might be the spell -- the thing that makes me, or perhaps us, never leave forever. Whyville is beyond what words can tell. Whyville isn't just a little ordinary virtual world; that's for sure. And yet, it's simply Whyville.



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