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Why-Pox Answers

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Why-Pox Answers

Guest Writer

Hia Whyville, this is lilducks! I'm here because I think I have a pretty good idea of the answers to the questions Lilbeaut asked about the Why-Pox! It's really terrible, that's true, but you have to hang in there, Whyville!

1. How do you get the rash? (or Why-Pox, as we call them now)

I've seen Whyvillians talking, and they were saying things about what kind of clothes they wear. Because there is now snow on the Whyville ground, some Whyvillians started wearing clothes that cover up more of their skin. Whyvillians said to "newbies" that the fewer articles you wear on your face, the more of a chance you have of getting the Why-Pox. I do not think this is correct, but, then again, I could be wrong. I suppose City Hall picks Whyvillians at random and gives them the Why-Pox. Sometimes it seems some citizens get worse cases then others.

2. How can you prevent from getting the rash?

I don't think you can PREVENT from getting the Why-Pox, because, as i said before, I think City Hall picks Whyvillians at random and gives them the Why-Pox. You can't exactly ASK City Hall not to give you the Why-Pox, because then she'd have to many Whyvillians asking her that. There are some that WANT the Why-Pox, but that's beside the point.There isn't any thing i know of that can prevent you from getting the Why-Pox.

3. If this is just a computer game, then how is it pozzible that we receive sicknesses such as this? Is it just a part that City Hall wanted to make more realistic by having sicknesses?

I guess City Hall wanted to make Whyville more exciting and interesting. I know it kept me wanting to go onto the computer more, to see if my Why-Pox were gone! They opened the CDC which told us a lot about the Why-Pox, and there is sort of like a game that you can play and you can earn clams and why-passes.

4. How long do you have the rash?

I know that I had the Why-Pox for about 5 days, but it varies. My little brother USAF had the Why-Pox for about one week. So he had them longer then me. There are Whyvillians who only had them for 3 days! So there isn't an EXACT amount of time that you have them.

5. Just in general explain EVERYTHING you know about this rash because it is very confusing.

As a matter of fact, I don't find it confusing. It can be, but it isn't really. All that happens is that you get little dots on your face, and they start pink, then as they get worse they get bigger and redder, then they get smaller and pink, then you can barely see them, then they're gone! They make you say "Achoo", but it doesn't prevent you from talking. The worse the Why-Pox are, I've noticed, the more you say "Achoo" and the more annoyed you get, unfortunately.

6. What can you do when you have this sickness?

You CAN talk when you have the Why-Pox. When I first got the Why-Pox, I asked around, seeing what I could do to get them better faster, and people said: Change your face everyday. Then, they will get worse and worse (that's when they turn redder and the more you say "Achoo") then they will get better and eventually go away. This has worked for me. And for my little brother, which is terrific.

7.What can you not do when you have this rash?

You cannot stop saying "Achoo", but that's just about it. You can do everything on Whyville, except you'll have pink or red dots on your face and you'll continuously say "Achoo". Lilbeaut might have thought that you cannot talk when you have the Why-Pox because there are a few people that just sit around doing nothing on Whyville. They do not speak. Or maybe they're silenced. We do not know.

8. Is there something you can buy that will make you better in time?

Sort of. You can buy concealer or cover up, but it is always sold out... as I discovered when I got my Why-Pox. You can buy this and then put it over your Why-Pox, but the only problem is, you cannot see the Why-Pox when you pick your nose. You'll either have to guess and hope for the best, or look at your face where the bus is and try to put the concealer in the right spot. But there isn't like a miracle lotion kind of thing that you can buy and squirt it on, because this is a 2D world.

9. Is it contagious?

Now this is a question often asked. I do not believe it is contagious by any normal means, thankfully. I hear that a girl got kissed (projectile) by a boy with the Why-Pox and she got the Why-Pox. But a while back, WAAAY before I got my Why-Pox, I got kissed by a boy with a VERY terrible case of the Why-Pox. I did not get the Why-Pox for about 2-3 weeks after that. Then after I got rid of my Why-Pox, another boy kissed me just to scare me (he had a bad case of the Why-Pox also) and I didn't get the Why-Pox again. I've asked a couple of my friends around that are on Whyville if they have gotten the Why-Pox. A few of them said yes. I asked them if they think that you can get them more than once, and they do not think so. Neither do I.

10. I noticed City Hall had the rash! What is that about?

Well, City Hall probably had the rash because she didn't want to give everyone else the Why-Pox and not herself, so why not? If she does not have the Why-Pox, what will people think of her? That she's greedy? Nonono!! She must be like the other Whyvillians. Other wise, some people might not like her... :oS

I hope I've explained some things to Whyville, and I hope that you will understand more about Whyville and the Why-Pox. Yes, this is terrible, but don't get upset just because you have the Why-Pox. I guess you can take it as a privilege. It's better to have the Why-Pox now then to suffer later.

Well, this is lilducks, signing out....

~*~*Lilducks*~*~ is Going... going... **gone**



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