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As I Watch the Sun Set

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As I sit on my crooked, old doorstep, the world around me seems to fade and disappear. Voices are being hushed as young children gather their once lonely toys and bring them inside. The grass in the distance seems to twinkle in the moonlight. The air begins to cool my pale skin that once felt sunburnt. Soon, animals will come out from their homes and play as other animals scurry to their homes to prepare to get some rest. You must know that this all happens as I sit there, on that old doorstep in which contains so many memories, and watch the sun set.

It is absolutely silent, you could even hear a shining, silver pin drop. I may have had no one around to talk to that evening, which was growing darker and darker, but that surely didn't mean that I was alone. In fact, I have a good friend that's always with me. She never leaves me, and never will. The friend I am speaking of is my well-developed mind. You might not see her but, I am surely not alone. I never am.

You may be rather puzzled by the fact that I enjoy sitting with nothing but my mind. Maybe, I shall explain to you just a little more.

My mind is a good friend to me for several reasons. Perhaps, there are too many to state. But, as I watch the sun set, my mind can think of so many extreme, crazy ideas. Ideas that are thought of when thinking outside of the box. And the reason they are of so much importance is because I can take these ideas and let them turn into words and then sentences and let them settle on a bright piece of white, lined paper. And this, my friend, is what I would like to tell you is called writing.

For me, writing is a way to express myself, a way to express my feelings. In writing, I am able to reveal who I truly am with nothing to hold me back or even think to stop me. My mind is the reason that all the thoughts and emotions piling up in my head are able to be turned into great pieces of writing. They are able to be put on paper and then shared with others. Writing is also a fun thing for me to get involved in. You would never guess how much I enjoy just tuning out of the world around me and letting all of my thoughts flow onto a piece of paper in which is first blank but later on, overflowing with stories of all kinds. I love writing whether I write a poem or a fantasy story. It's amazing what writing can do for you.

I watch as the once bright sun sets. The air is becoming even chillier as my mom opens the front door and whispers to me, "Dinner is ready. Come inside, please." And so I put all these thoughts aside for a moment, careful not to forget them. After dinner, you will find my thoughts on paper, over flowing a piece of paper.

I wish everyone would love writing as much as I do. It's really a miraculous thing to do but sometimes, people don't realize it.

Your Friend,


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