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Id, Ego and Super Ego

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It's just past midnight and I just finished reading the Rolling Stone article on Robert Downey Jr. from the May 13, 2010 issue. It got me thinking of why I am such a huge fan of the actor most will know from "Iron Man", and it made me think of Freud.

Sigmund Freud is a psychoanalyst from the late 1800's, who defined the three parts of the psyche, and introduced us to the id, ego and superego.

My interest in Freud began in grade 11, where I first took my Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology course at my high school. My teacher favored Psychology, which then opened the topics to a ton of Freud arguments and theories. Although some of his theories seem a bit exaggerated, they are interesting to look at when one can be relatable.

Now, according to Freud, every single person is born with an Id. This part of our mind drives our personality and our wants, along with the pleasures we seek. The Id demands to have it's needs met, but not all demands are easy to please. The easiest example is to look at an infant, who is unable to communicate through speech. Their only way of communicating and having their needs met is to cry and whine until what they want or need is given to them. Sometimes, though, the needs are unable to be met or are unrealistic, causing some frustration and what can be seen as unacceptable in society. Not having the Id's needs met can cause anxiety for a person who is involved in it enough.

Now, we move onto the Ego. It is the part of the mind that keep's the Id in order, and helps the Id get it's needs in an acceptable way. The Ego is the part of the mind responsible for seeing the truth, and weighing the good and bad consequences of going after what the Id wants. The Ego isn't always working though, and will allow the Id's unacceptable responses to getting or not getting needs at certain times, when appropriate.

Lastly, there is the Super Ego. The Super Ego can be seen as the conscience, which weighs what is right and wrong. It brings into account what is moral and socially acceptable. According to Freud, the Super Ego comes into affect later on in childhood. The Super Ego almost works against the Id, trying to satisfy what society sees as acceptable, which can upset the Id for not getting what it wants.

Freud sees a healthy state of mind as having a perfect balance of the three stages of the mind. Freud may be one of the most well-known theorists in the Sociology and Psychology world, along with Karl Marx, and Jean-Jacques Rousseaux.

I find that, if something interests you, it will be something you will remember and use to the best of your abilities for the rest of your life. Sociology and Psychology are two of my favorite subjects, and if you have something that interests you as much as I do, you can share it with the world.



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