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Have you ever been lost and at the end of that possibly frightening journey you found something worth wild, fun, and exciting? Well, today I gladly say I have never been so happy to get lost, for I have found something exciting that I want to share with you all!

There has been such a number of incredible Times Writers, that probably know what I'm about to talk about. I discovered something I never knew the Times possessed! You're probably itching to know right?

Well, I've discovered a whole new line of categories. Categories? What's so great about that, we all know what the Times allows us to write in: People, Fashion, Hot Topics, Media and Creative Writing!

If you just thought that, you're incorrect! I was lost searching for previous information and found my inspiration!

Week after week we usually see those five topics, but I found in the "Sections" proportion of the Advanced Search, a whooping total of 18 sections, and I want us, Times Writers, Guest Writers and fresh writers to explore, and expand their writing!

With the following sections to choose from, I believe we can make the Times even more interesting to read! Let's expand our creativity, and show more sides of us. Let's explore these other topics:

- Help: Show the Whyvillians what you can do to help!
- Gallery: Got the passion for pics? Find something worth wild and snap a pic of it in Whyville!
- Science: Experiment and enter the world of science and explain what you learned!
- Why History: Are you an Olbie looking to reminisce about the previous Whyville? Inform us about what it was like possibly in 1999?
- Business: Gather the brains of the operation and teach us what's happening in the world of business, finance who knows?
- Rumor Mill: My favorite! Indescribable, but share your creepy stories and warnings of the creatures that lurk Whyville.
- Politics: Great for the BBSers, debate, share and explore the world of politics and report about the latest news.
- Save The Reef: With the new "Podcasts of Life" glistening around the Whyville homepage, it'll be a breeze to tell us readers, what it's like under the reef and what we can do to help.

Now, for the challenge: I now challenge to expand your creativity, writing skills and voice and select one of the sections above. Be smart, write authentically, and for goodness sakes, it's 2010! We can totally get this newspaper looking distinctive!

I expect one fine looking Times, May 16th 2010.


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