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The iPad

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I'm sure you've heard of the new iPad: the oversized iPod that everyone makes fun of for it's name. I do, too. I mean, really, did Apple even stop to think about that name? Anyway, I was curious what made it so special, if it had any features that the iPod/iPhone didn't have. Here's what I found out.

I'll start with something from my own brain, well, actually, from my grandma's brain. It's good for older people because they can see the screen better with that bad eyesight of theirs.

It has all the same basic features of the iPod:

- Mail: With the large screen, it's easier to use and view e-mails. When in landscape mode, the keyboard is almost the size of a laptop keyboard, so I assume it'll be much easier to type with than only using your thumbs, but I doubt it'll work well if you have long nails.
- YouTube, Pictures, Video: They look amazing on the iPad's screen. I can't say I disagree, it's kind of hard to watch videos on the tiny iPod Touch.
- iPod: Not much to say. It's pretty much the same.
- Calendar: I saw a video of this, and it looks really cool, it's like an agenda.
- Safari: Surfing the web is so much easier, and you literally hold it in your hands. If you wanted to read an article, you wouldn't have to keep zooming in.
- Jailbreaking: Yes, the iPad can be jailbroken, just like the iPhone.

Other features:

- iBooks: A reading app. There are similar applications on the iPod, but it is much easier to read on an iPad.
- Keyboard: You can buy a keyboard similar to the iMac's:


- Big screen: Better for everything.
- 3G enabled (This version recently came out.)
- iPad-only Apps
- And, to be honest, only a few more.


- Still no Flash!
- No camera.
- Really expensive. The most expensive version is the iPad 64GB with Wi-Fi+3G. It sells in the (Online) Apple Store for $829. The cheapest is the iPad 16GB with Wi-Fi. It sells in the (Online) Apple Store for $499. Yet they say it is at an "unbelievable price." Well, compared to what it could be, I guess it is. I still think $500 is a lot for an oversized iPod.
- Battery Life
- And, to be honest, many more.

I am an Apple-lover. I would pick Mac over Windows any day. But on this, I have to agree with my friend: wait until Windows makes one. It'll be cheaper, and it'll probably have more features.

This is Cassidy, off to go play with my iPod.

Author's Note: Where'd I get all this fabulous info on the iPad? Source 1: My brain. That thing works pretty good, ya know. Source 2: The Internet. Okay, kidding on that one. I think I should be a little more specific. Real Source 2: ipadfeatures.com. Source 3: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPad (Does Wikipedia have info about everything?). Source 4: store.apple.com/ipad.


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