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Letters to You

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"Without change in the world, there would never be any butterflies." -Unknown

We've had so many good memories since the fifth grade. Too many to count, to remember. We completed each other, and deep down, I've always known we were created for each other. I just never said it. I'm like my Dad. I just stay quiet. I don't speak my mind, my feelings, and anything inside stays there.

But you told me the news that will forever change our lives. It was on May 8, 2010, at my birthday party, when you told me you were moving to Sacremento. You would be leaving in July, and we couldn't go to the same high school. We would never get those opportunities, those experiences like we had always planned. I was sad for the rest of the party. I know, I put on a happy face, but every time I looked at you, my heart broke just a little more.

You spent the night, and I could tell, this was going to be the hardest thing I've ever had to go through. Especially when I couldn't be with you to talk. I needed a way to write down our memories. I needed desperately a way for you to remember me. I wrote. Like crazy. I wrote letters a lot, about five every few days. I'm going to fill up boxes of them, little things too, just so you'll remember it all. I need you to. I need to.

I still write them, I just hide them when you come over. So you can't see the colorful pages stained permanently by my Sharpies, but most importantly, our memories. These letters, they are all for you. This will be the biggest change of your life, and mine too. Without you, I'm nothing, and now I must learn to become something. You always brought out the good me, the one not grumpy -- the carefree, I-can-fly-if-I-want-to one. I need that. It's like a high for me, seeing your face as you sit on my floor, coloring.

This is going to be hard, but right now, I'll promise you this: We'll make it through. Our journey as sisters will never end, got it?

Alyssa, I love you.



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