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It's Sunday night and I am itching with excitement. While my mother sips her tea in the family room watching reruns of shows, I lay on the couch next to hers with a black Asus laptop resting on my lap. I quiver with excitement as I glance at the screen. Nope, it hasn't changed. The Whyville Times hasn't come out yet. I frown and sigh and then start watching some show only my mother would ever want to watch.

I go to the BBS to share my frustration with the rest of the mad population. Already, I see threads full of rants. I giggle and join in; knowing ranting together somehow connects us. We are all eager to read the weekly edition of the Times and to see if our articles got in, and so that's probably why. Just as I start to type up some sarcastic and witty response to a Times thread when, out of pure curiosity, I check the Times again. My heart skips a beat as I notice the new articles lined up in rows. Sqeaker's . . . Mylo's . . . Morganna's brilliant poems . . . but, where are my articles? Where are the articles I wrote so sincerely?

I sigh as my mom glares at me for interrupting a very intense scene where the girl's boyfriend finds out that the girl is cheating on him. I think for a second and pose a question to myself; didn't the Times Editor like it? Wasn't it creative enough? Obviously not, since she didn't include it in our magnificent and highly sought-after paper.

I then think about why she didn't choose the piece of work I labored on. The first thought that comes to my head is that maybe it was too short. Sure my short attention span has a big influence on my life, but wasn't the little piece of writing I did write creative and original and just, plain pure genius? Later, I thought that maybe sending it in on Saturday night wasn't such a good idea either. And then, on top of all that, I realized that the articles that did get in were much better than mine and their content was less played out whereas the topic I had chosen was boring and irrelevant. In addition, it dawned on me that my grammar was horrible considering I finished writing it and revising it late into the starry night. With blurry eyes, I probably finished that horrendous piece with only one idea in my mind; getting to become a Times Writer. I didn't spend a lot of time on my articles and I could have probably done so much better.

I also realized that I didn't have to get sad over my articles not making it in because there were valid reasons why they didn't. Just next time, I'll be sure to get everything done and sent in on time and I'll for sure remember to revise it at least twice.

Drop that goose and go make a moose,


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