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Attack of the Bots

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Author's Note: First off, I would like to let all the readers out there know that I sent this in to 'explore and expand' my writing abilities, as WaterMel8 so geniusly put it. I would like to thank her for encouraging me to move on with my writing career!

It was a beautiful day at Lake Whyville, and seeing as none of my friends were available, I went there. Enjoying the sunshine and the sky, I looked up. I fell asleep, when I was suddenly awakened by a loud BOOM! I spun around, scared out of my mind. It was so weird . . . I swore I saw a lightning bolt hit the water with a loud crack. I figured it was just a dream, so I lay back onto the soft, green grass.

But then, an annoying buzz came into earshot. I couldn't get it out of my head! I opened my eyes, to see a little robot sitting on my stomach, buzzing. Buzz, buzz, buzz. I gasped, stumbling backwards. The little guy was knocked into the water. He rose out, dripping wet. Buzz, buzz, buzz! "Sorry!" I cried, but I don't think that it understood English. Just like I didn't understand Robot . . . Finally, the robot went away, flying off to the observatory. My ears rang with his unusual language.

I y-mailed my friend, LyssLyss. "Alyssa!" I wrote, "I just saw a robot! I think it was an alien!" She replied immediately. "And I just saw George Washington and a unicorn walking to Sesame Street. Haha, very funny, Lindsey." She didn't believe me! I wrote the same to another friend, hailey311. She denied my idea as well. I went back to the lake where I found thousands of the critters swarming the waters. "Buzz, buzz, buzz!! Buuuzzzz!!" A large, green one, that was by the sign pointing to Evergreen, was saying what was going on.

The smaller robots followed it's orders directly. I had no idea what it was saying, but they were definitely listening. Then one pulled down the wooden sign to Evergreen. Another replaced it with "RobotVille". I gasped. These aliens were taking over Whyville! But how could I inform the other civilians if no one would listen? I hid in the bushes, not wanting to be seen. This could get dangerous . . . I grabbed one, demanding what was going on. I shook it, until a little door opened on it's side. There was a switch. It said, "Robot. English. German." I flipped it to English.

"What's going on?!" I cried frantically. Were these things really going to rule Whyville? The robot replied, "The leader wants Whyville to be our new home. It's great here! We all love the climate." I smiled, understanding. Whyville's always sunny, and it was normally warm. "I especially like the beach, but most of the robots prefer the waterfall. Or Club Scion. I have no idea why." The beach is always fun, but Club Scion has amazing lights, I thought.

"So, you're just going to capture all of the Whyvillians and do what with us?" The robot looked at me. "Well, we'll probably lock them up in the Fit Zone. None of us robots use that. We can't work out, we're metal."

"Please, you have got to help me. Whyville is home to so many! How can you just take it over?" The robot looked down, searching for an answer. "I guess it is wrong . . . And rude."

"Exactly! You need to stop your friends from continuing!" I exclaimed. The tiny machine looked at me, agreeing. I flipped his switch back to "Robot" and he spoke with the boss. It didn't seem too happy about the idea. After a while, he came back to me. I turned him back to English. "Well?"

"We'll stop, but we must make an agreement." I listened intently. "You must . . . must . . . must give us a scion. We all like them very much, and it would be a great souvenir from Whyville!" I nodded.

I got a loan, and after a few weeks of saving up, I managed to send the robots their scion. They sent me a y-mail thanking me, and also a picture, of them enjoying their brand new car.

So, Whyville, that's my story. No matter how unbelievable it seems, it's true. Completely true. Scout's honor!


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