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What the Why-Pox Teaches

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What the Why-Pox Teaches

Guest Writer

Hey Whyvillians!

I was sitting here on my computer once again trying to get into Whyville (my parent won't let me get a why-pass) when I thought I would write an article for the times. Its about... you guessed it, the Why-Pox!

I just recently had them and they lasted for a horrible week, but now I'm glad that I did have them. You are probably asking "Are you crazy or something?" I probably am! All everyone looks at is the bad side of it. For me, there are a lot of ups of already having had them or having them right now.

For one thing, after you've had the Why-Pox, you are immune from them! All the people I have talked to say that they haven't had Why-Pox twice. I have a feeling it's like chicken pox, once you get them, you never get them again (in most cases). You never will worry about getting it and you don't have to be as cautious around sick Whyvillians.

Another thing is that there was the CDC. This is a great learning experience (this might sound a little dorky!) and all those people who do do research on Why-Pox get their salary raised! (Your salaries aren't raised yet, but City Hall said they will.) Without Why-Pox, your salary might just be a little bit lower. One lucky person is also going to win a 1 month Why-Pass! I really hope I win! LoLz!

You might brood on the awful things about it like the rashes and the sneezes but seriously, they aren't so bad. Some people say you can't talk while you're sick -- not true. You can talk and when you type something and then you say Achoo while you are typing, it doesn't interfere.

There are also so many myths and so-called "cures" to Why-Pox. Don't believe those people who say they will sell you the cure, there is no such thing. I am not sure how Why-Pox is spread, but hopefully we will learn it soon!

Hey! I finally got in! So I guess this is where I leave you. Instead of brooding about all the bad things, think of the good things. Besides, it's a good excuse to buy tissues or other things. =) LoLz!

ChinaDawl, signing out...



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