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Identical Identity: Part 7

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Nadia and Katherine entered the antique house without saying another word. The boy closed the door after them and looked solemnly at them.

"Why are you here?" He asked without emotion.

"Evan can't a girl come see the boy she loves to hate every once and a while. We are on holiday and decided to visit you."

"Cut the innocent act Katherine. You want something and I know it."

Katherine gave in. "There is a serious problem and you will just have to believe what I say without asking questions." Katherine glared at the boy (who Nadia now knew as Evan) with a petrifying stare. Evan nodded letting Katherine explain the whole time warp theory.

"What do you think?" She asked biting her lip. Evan was her last hope on getting her sister back. There was only a certain amount of days left of their vacation in New York. If they left the city, they wouldn't have a chance to find anybody that knew about the crazy phenomenon they spoke of.

"I think that you are crazy Katherine." Evan shook his head and stood up.

"Also, if this is some sort of deranged scheme to get me back it isn't going to work." The last sentence Evan spoke made Katherine's blood boil. What would she want him back? She was the one who broke up with him in the first place. Evan was the whole reason Katherine secretly didn't want to go to New York.

During winter break of that year, Evan had stayed with his grandfather who lived in Aidan and Katherine's town. He and Katherine had an instant connection when they saw each other but their bond was broken up by Evan and Aidan's secret romance. The whole incident was the only thing Katherine could of think of that sliced a wedge in her relationship with Aidan. Katherine vowed to herself she would never speak to Evan again. Now, she was asking for his help.

She wouldn't have dared to come to him if he hadn't talked to her about his father's work in science. Evan told Katherine all about bizarre happenings that occurred all around the country. The stories had never made it to the newspapers because the reporters all thought the victims of the occurrences were insane. Katherine had secretly thought the whole idea of magical voodoo happening all around them was slightly crazy but she would dare to mention it to Evan; he would have thought she wasn't worth talking to if she didn't believe in his nonsensical stories.

Evan cut off Katherine's reminiscing with his words.

"If you want me to believe you, you're going to have to show me some sort of proof that the Aidan lookalike really is this 'Nadia' you speak of."

Nadia wanted to bail Katherine out of the tough situation, but no ideas came to mind.

"Well, she has on a sweatshirt that talks about a college basketball championship game for the year 2010. How would she possibly have that if she was actually Aidan?" Katherine seemed pretty positive this would get Evan on her side.

The boy studied the sweatshirt and said, "This is a very unique article of clothing, but there is a possibility it could have been a custom made shirt created for the occasion."

That did it; Katherine was fuming. "Why would I create a sweatshirt just to try to win you back? Do you even hear yourself when you ramble on? Oh, how about this proof! If it was actually Aidan, when I leave right now you two would start kissing behind my back. I thought you could help me but I guess you are too pigheaded to realize I'm not joking."

Katherine started walking out when Nadia felt a tear fall out of her eye. She hated seeing Katherine so upset. Aidan and Evan must have really hurt her deeply. As Nadia tried to quickly wipe the tear away she realized something; she still had her contacts in! She hadn't really noticed them during her journey in the 1960's since they were the kind you put in your eyes for long time periods.

"Wait, Evan you wear glasses right?" Nadia asked instantly feeling stupid. He was wearing spectacles as she spoke.

"Yes . . ." He replied looking at Nadia as if she was losing her mind.

"Right here I have some proof that I am from the future." Nadia started taking out her contact when Evan cut in.

"Just because you can touch your eye doesn't mean are from the fu-" Nadia pulled out the contact and held it on the tip of her finger for him to see.

"How did you take that layer of eye tissue off? Doesn't it hurt?" Evan looked astounded, studying the contact from two different views.

"No, this isn't eye tissue. It's called a contact lens. Instead of wearing glasses, this tiny sliver of medical amazement can help you see just like you were wearing the spectacles.'

Evan seemed suspicious, and insisted on putting on the contact in order to see if it worked. Needless to say, he was dumbfounded and believed she was from the future.

"So, you really are from the future aren't you?" He asked smiling for the first time that night. Nadia couldn't help but realize how cute he was when he smiled. She had always thought of science-loving, glasses-wearing teenagers as nerds but he was the exact opposite. His intelligence and good looks made it clear how both Katherine and Aidan fell for him. "You can't Nadia. Back in the present day he is an old man." Nadia tried to talk herself out of the falling but she couldn't stop thinking about his pale blue eyes looking at her with a twinkle of excitement. He was looking forward to knowing Nadia, and she was looking forward to knowing him too.


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