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England's Sadness

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England's Sadness

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As many of us know, on the 30th of March, 2002, the Queen Mother of England died, aged 101.

She was one of the greatest Royals known. Although I was not here to witness the many great acts she did for my country, I have heard about them.

The Queen Mother was born in 1901 and witnessed two world wars, during both of which she helped the country. She grew up not to be Royal, but they were rich. They were privileged in World War One because of their wealth, but they still had to make sacrifices. There stately home became a hospital for injured men, and even though she was just 14 she volunteered to be a nurse.

Although she herself was not born a Royal, she became the first non-royal to marry a Royal. Her husband George then became King George VI of England. She became Queen.

Sadly he died 50 years before she would, so she became ruler of England. She loved her children and later grandchildren and after that great grandchildren very much and she was very much a family person. Everyone liked her and she had the talent of making people who never met her think they knew her.

During World War Two she was very supportive of the country and boosted morale. When Buckingham Palace was bombed, she said, "I'm glad we were bombed so know I can look at the East End in the eye." She meant the east end of London, where they were bombed badly during the blitz.

When Elizabeth II was 26, the Queen stepped down and let her daughter take the throne. She did however still remain very much an authority figure, as it was then when she took up the post of the Queen Mother.

That is her history. She has done many other things as well and without her England would not be the great country that it now is. We owe her a lot and this is froggy66 wishing her well. May she rest in peace and be eternally happy in heaven.

This is froggy66, turning away so you don't see her tears for her country.



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