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Apologies, Corrections

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Apologies, Corrections

Guest Writer

Hello, this is Sonner on the computer, writing an apology for my music article. I would really appreciate it if the Times Editor will get this article out as soon as possible, please and thank you.

Okay, remember a couple weeks ago when my music article was published and I was talking about this guy named LiL J? I made an error -- the CD is not called "Everyone Loves Those Party Tunes". The actual name of the CD which I just found out as I was reading the magazine over again is "All about J". I got that other name from when LiL J said that "Everyone loves party tunes." Sorry about the mix-up!

I just also heard another rumor in the New York Times that Britney and Justin have officially broken up! (Yaaah, LoL!)

This is Sonner signing off... *click*


Guest Writer

I noticed that Samgirl21 read a book that I've read too, but the one she read is called "The Wish", not "Ella Enchanted". Just wanted to point that out.

And also just want to say to Skumbag68 (whether you care or not, I want to state it) that you should be ashamed of telling people how to hack! :-( I can't believe the Times Editor let him (or is it her?) publish that! I hope the Editor didn't realize what it was and accidentally did that, because if you approved that you must be a lousy editor :-p, no offense!

This is Spedy9, stomping away from the computer... :-p (*blows raspberry*)


Guest Writer

HFSChic wrote this article because there was a mistake made in the March 21, 2002 issue.

Ok, I don't normally write articles or anything, but I just had to say something about an article in the last issue. I have read the book "Ella Enchanted" and it was not AT ALL like the book that SamGirl21 described... I think she was talking about "The Wish" by Gale Carson Levine.

"Ella Enchanted" is about a girl named ELLANORE -- thus the named Ella Enchanted -- and when she was getting christened, a fairy named Lucinda put a curse on her so that she would always be obedient. (By the way, this is big magic and a total no-no in the fairy world.) Ella grew up and only her mother and cook knew about the curse. Then her mother gets super sick and dies... Ella goes to the funeral and cries like a little kid and her dad gets mad and sends her away -- like, just until she can stop crying. The prince, Char, sees her crying and helps her stop and just talks to her.

Then her dad decides to get married again because he's like, totally broke, to some evil lady who has two daughters... do you kinda see a pattern here?? He goes away for a long time and the stepmother makes her work really hard and long... like one of the servants.

I think you can probably guess the rest... but if you can't, then I guess you gotta read the book "Ella Enchanted" by Gale Carson Levine. Ok, well, I just wanted to clear that up, because that's my all-time favorite book.

Aight... I guess I'm outta here... BUG BYE! Luv alwayz... *HFSChic*



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