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How to Write for the Times

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A lot of people, including myself, enjoy reading the Times. If you are like me, the first thing you do on a Sunday is log in to Whyville and check the Times. Now how do you write for the Times?

Glad you asked because if you didn't have that question, then there would be no use for reading this article -- unless you want to criticize me (please do) or say, "Great Job Annie!" (go ahead).

Step 1: The Email

The first step is to go to your email. Open a new message and send it to times@whyville.net. Your subject should look something like this: [type of submission]: [author], [title]. Some examples are:

Creative Writing: Rexyp1, The Rose
Poem: As the Grass Grows, Rexyp1

My subject for this was, Help: Rexyp1, How To Write For The Times. If you don't know what type of submission your article is, use "Article" and the Editor will designate the section.

With this format, it is easier for the Times Editor to put out Times as soon as possible by sorting the real submissions from spam emails. If you write something other than this format such as, "Hi", "Please Read" or "Article", it will not be accepted. Also DO NOT submit other people's articles. The Times Editor won't accept it. She will only accept your original work.

The first line of your email should be your title, and username. Underneath that you should include a description of your article. An example of this would be:

How To Write For The Times, Rexyp1 Rexyp1 gives you hints and advice for writing for the Times.

Step 2: Writing

All writers were readers and still are. So if you want to be a good writer, read. Reading is one of the most important things you can do. Read the Whyville Times, and read books. Pay attention to the words the writers are using. How do they describe things? What is their writing style?

Make sure you double check your grammar and spelling. Read over your article many times and/or send your article to a Times Writer to edit for things you might have missed.

Step 3: Send Your Article

Send your article before Sunday. Sunday is when the Whyville Times comes out, so if you want to get in that week send it in early.

Tips for Writing

Some people enjoy writing Creative Writing articles more than Help articles, or People articles instead of Media. Try all the sections in the Times to see which one you like the best. I, for example, enjoy writing Creative Writing and People articles the best. But someone else might not like those and prefer Media and Interviews.

Creative Writing is a very hard section to write in because so many people write in it. When writing a story be very descriptive. Make the story interesting and make people want to read it every week. At the end of the article do cliff hangers. Even though everyone hates cliff hangers it keeps people coming back every week. And remember, each story has a limit of 10 parts, so keep that in mind while writing.

For writing People articles take your experiences from everyday life and share it. Did you just notice something you never noticed before? Write about it. Do you want to share your love about a family member? Write about it.

For interviews pick interesting questions about your subject and branch out. Many writers just stick to the people who are BBSers. Ask your questions in chat. A lot of people will answer. Also, keep the number of interviewees small. Two to three Whyvillians are fine.

If you have any more questions ask Whyvillians who write for the Times or do some research of your own. Read articles by the Times Editor or other Whyvillians regarding the submission rules or helpful hints.

Off to write some more articles.

Author's Note: I used the Times Editor's "How to Write for the Times" as a guide (Article ID: 6265) and my own knowledge of writing in general, and writing for the Times.


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