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Hatred Runs Deep: Part 2

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I slipped out the barred window, without a sound. I had been secretly filing away the bars until they snapped. The rest was easy; lift them up, slip through, and silently lower them down. Done. I leaped down from the small ledge on which I balanced myself. I landed with a soft thud on the grass below. It was dark, the moon shone upon the trees nearby. For being evil, the world was looking pretty good. I took a step forward, then remembered. I grabbed the can of aerosol and sprayed. It revealed, sure enough, red lines. Infrared. I sighed, taking a careful step over one, sliding carefully over the other.

The laser field took a good thirty minutes, but I made it through without a problem. I scaled the wall that surrounded the building I had been in. I sat atop of it, scanning the horizon. Where would Shay be? Near by? Or far away? Would I have to walk for a long time or just walk down the street? No alarms had sounded from the building; they obviously thought I was asleep in my bed. I still had some time to figure out her location. Then I saw it. A tall building, with 'S&D Manor - We rule you.' written across it, stood from me, about half a mile away. Easy peasy.

I fell through the air with ease; free falling had never scared me. I lingered on the ground for a split second before running to S and D's home. I reached it, and I soon knew that this one would be difficult. It was crowded with guards, and they all had weapons. Death was all around me, and if I slipped up even once, I'd die. For sure. I was careful, silent, and patient. Key things to a perilous journey.

I slipped around the bushes, examining the entire perimeter. Guards were posted every five feet or so, and they all had the same type of gun. I needed to make it across them. It would be like a game, with levels. I loved challenges, right? Here was the perfect one. I took a step through the bush, and snuck up on a guard. I had no idea what to do, all I knew was that I could not make a sound. I was literally two centimeters away. Who knew? Maybe he already knew I was there . . . Maybe he was just giving me some time to say my final prayers.

I slipped around him, to the next guard, my heart thumping wildly in my chest. I glanced back at the other guard, but he hadn't moved. Weird, I thought. Wouldn't he have seen me? I did the same, working my around to the back. But no guard moved. I finally got annoyed. I thought this was supposed to be difficult! I tapped one on the shoulder, but if I was looking for some trouble and action or just some attention from the foreign, outside world, I do not know.

I jumped in front of him after he remained statue like. Still nothing. I poked him again, then pushed him with all my force. It fell down. It was a doll, and all of them were. I looked around. Scare tactics? Did Shay really think that she could scare people off by using dolls? I stepped towards the door, looking around. There were no lights on, but it was still probably covered in alarms. I decided to do it the good ol' fashioned way - through the window.

After breaking a nearby one, I hopped in, alert and in attack mode. But nothing happened. Was Shay not here? I sighed, and began looking around for any signs of life. Well, undead life. I continued up the grand staircase, looking at all the pictures of Shay and David over the last ten years. I was disgusted, very. I turned away when I saw one, one that would stick in my mind forever; a picture of Kylie, with the words 'The Enemy' underneath. I rushed up the rest of the stairs, coming to a large office. It overlooked the entire city. So this was where Shay operated.

Could I really do this? Seemed like she wasn't home. I'd have to wait.


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