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The Importance of Why-Passes

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The Importance of Why-Passes

Guest Writer

Why-Passes are one of those "vital issues" everyone talks about. "Vital Issues" like Newbies vs. Oldies, dating places, and new things for Whyville. Well, everyone will be happy someday and City Hall is working overtime for us!

First off I'd like to thank City Hall, who is like a mom to us all. She helps us when we have questions, accommodates our needs, and keeps us safe here in Whyville. Now on to this "vital issue"....

Why-Passes are NOT a scam. Making a place like Whyville is not free, you know! First off here are some things you absolutely need to make a site: The Domain name, servers, powerful computers, and needed workers.

The Domain Name: The domain name (www.whyville.net) costs about $20.00 a year more or less. Now with the domain name, you buy space, too. Like angelfire and other "free site" makers, space is not part of the package deal. You gotta pay extra!

Servers: Servers, are the things that keep a site up and running! Faster servers equal more people get to come on Whyville! Goody! The more servers the more people! And of course to run a site like this you can't use a cheapo computer from a pawn shop! Naturally, it's easier to use more than one -- but each one costs almost $1000 a month!

Workers: If City Hall didn't have workers then she'd have MAJOR stress. She'd never get sleep! She had to hire workers! And the more workers she can afford to hire, the more games we get and the more support -- like the newspaper and replying to city-management email -- we get. They have to be able to pay all these people enough so that they can afford to live, you know!

So after getting a taste of what City Hall has upon her very shoulders, I hope you understand what it takes to make a cool site and maintain it! Watch out for more articles by me about Why-Pox, petitions, and anything else that comes up! Love ya Lots!


P.S. I have a one-year Why-Pass and it's everything I could ever want! Very satisfying!



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