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Gone in a Flash: Part 3

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Jaime's face went white at the sight of Vanessa.

Vanessa lay there, pale, lifeless, ruined. The room was a scary quiet. You could hear the world's smallest pin drop. Suddenly, awakening Jaime's flooding mind, was the sound of the heart monitor. The green lines moved up, down, up down. Jaime saw things like this in movies and it was always the same sad ending. Coma girl, dies.

Jaime gulped loud enough that the nurse heard. "It's best we leave her." she spoke. Jaime nodded silently and allowed the nurse to push her down the hall.



The school bell rang signaling the gossiping high school students to their next class. All week, since the day Jaime and Kris arrived, they received nothing but stares. Jaime was just lucky to have Kris. For an entire week and a half Jaime walked the halls alone, which was equivalent to three weeks in the hospital for Kris since Jaime got a free week ride of no school because of the accident.

Kris was still in a wheelchair and was offered an assistant, but of course Kris refused. Jaime wheeled her to the next class. "At least we get classes together." Kris giggled.

Jaime smiled. "Yup." she replied. Her mind was still fixed on Vanessa. Kris and Jaime both agreed their lives changed forever after the accident. Since Vanessa was still in what seemed a forever sleep, Jaime missed a part of herself.

"I'll take it from here, I want to get something from the vending machine." Kris said. Jaime let go. "Alright, be careful" she said.

Jaime paced in front of the English's teachers room. "Jaime!" Mrs.Longaro came from the door. "I have to talk with you." Jaime swallowed hard. "Uh, okay." she said. Mrs. Longaro chuckled. "You're not in trouble but I heard about your accident. You girls are pretty hurt, especially Vanessa." she spoke softly. Jaime shook her head "She's been in a coma for about four weeks."

Kris came rolling back with a packet of M&Ms. "I better be going now, meet me after lunch Jaime. I'll get you a pass.We have to talk." Mrs. Longaro said and smiled. "What'd she want?" Kris asked. Jaime sighed "I really don't know."

But Jaime could tell something was up.


Jaime sat in her dim bedroom. The pictures of Vanessa, Kris and Jaime all lined up covering up the spaces on the wall. A pile of homework lined up on her desk seemed to be calling out to be worked on but Jaime didn't have the energy.

"Jaime," her mother silently cracked the door. "Somebody's on the phone for you at the hospital. They think Vanessa may have woken up"

The energy was back.


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