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Whyville Prom 2010

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The annual Whyville Prom was held on Friday, June 4, 2010! By 12:30, Whyvillians had begun to gather around the Sportplatz waiting for the prom to begin. Everyone was doing the dance bop and counting down how many more minutes there was to prom. Finally, it was 1:00 WhyTime on the dot, everyone had to refresh and the new prom theme was up!

There were many people running for Prom Queen and Prom King. People were running around asking to swap votes which meant you would vote for that person and the other person would vote for you. The prom was crazy packed. Some people were doing the dance bop some, and some were doing their own dance they made up at the Dance Studio. Everyone was running around exchanging votes, dancing, playing Simon Says, and just chatting!

The prom queen winner was Ashton222!

The prom kind winner was Andy344!

One of the runner-ups was HotttDave!

Here was the main room of the party.

The party stage room.

The theater.

I would say that one of the best dressed people at the prom was . . . Galaxy7!

I interviewed Galaxy7 about his prom look.

hailey311: What inspired your look?
galaxy7: I liked my hat.
hailey311: What tips would you give other people on their looks?
galaxy7: Not many, just be creative!
hailey311: Who do you think was best dressed at the prom?
galaxy7: I didn't choose that but I voted lots! >br? hailey311: Thanks for you time!

Can't wait until next year!


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