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A Message About Karma

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Dear Citizens of Whyville,

I'm writing you this letter, or should I say article today to describe an incident that happened no more than a few minutes ago to me. It is minor and mild, but could make a child who uses this site upset and maybe want to quit our educational, little town.

It all started at the Style Studio, where I was creating looks for Whyvillians. I believe I created 2 or 3 successful looks for 2-3 very kind people who negotiated with me. But then one person seemed fishy to me when she favorited one of my shirts (which I believe was NOT rare). She wouldn't really respond to me when I tried to tell her I was not going to give it away because all of my other parts had pretty much expired and I liked that shirt. Just when I went to recycle it into my inventory again, she left and had bought it. Just like that! I was very upset for about 3 minutes because that shirt was something that I liked a lot and had bought with my own clams a while back.

Now it's not a big deal because these were only pixels and thankfully, not "rare" parts that I might've cherish for a while or spent thousands of clams on, but it's the principle. I mean why a person would do this to someone they don't even know, through the Internet, on a children's website, I don't know?! Kid's are here on this website to learn and have fun. If someone is mean to them, bullies them, or just upsets them, they're not having a good time and we really don't know what they'll do in real life.

So, Whyvillians I'm writing this message to you to make you think: Have you ever done this before? Better yet, will you do this again? I hope the answer is no. Not just saying no to upsetting someone over Whyville, but even in real life. You need to remember to be kind to people on the Internet and off. As the saying goes, what comes around goes around. So, please citizens be kind to others, on and off of Whyville.

-Cohenlm, A concerned citizen

Author's Note: In no way, shape, or form am I trying to humiliate the person who "stole" my shirt. This was more or less awakening for me to write about being kind.


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