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The Prom in Pictures

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Prom day finally arrived at Whyville on Friday, June 4th. It was a great day to spend with friends or meet new users. It took place at Sportplatz and was fun-packed with Simon Says and Whyville Theater. A lot of people were voting for their favorite prom king and queen. Everbody was welcomed to be part of Whyville's prom, whether they were a Newbie or Oldbie.

Congratulations for the individuals who won and for those who participated in voting.

Now, for our prom queen I really liked the eyeshadow color that she chose, it stood out as well the unicorn horn. Ashton222 brought her starbucks coffee in case she got too tired. Overall, everything matched; the colors she used wear blue, purple and black.

Even though she did not win as queen she still managed to look stylish and earn a crown. I enjoy to see that she chose to a wear different hair color than other girls. Most Whyvillians had brown, black and blonde hair, but she pink hair which was a great choice for a special occasion like this.

Andy344 was the only individual to wear his Whyville medals proudly. With the crown and medals he did look like royalty. His avatar was great and flawless.

Hotttdave was not afraid to break the norms and chose to wear different parts in one occasion. I loved his red shirt that said: Prom King, which matched with his red lips; he also wore the Prom Corsage 2010.

Great Job!

To add more fun to this celebration there were several blue and purple boxes around Sportplatz. Those who went probably know what it was, but inside there was:

There was also disco balls, prom dust and kisses.

We were fortunate to have limos; taking Whyvillians directly to prom with no deduction of clams. As you can see, I took advantage of it and kept on arriving to prom with a limo.

Once again congratulations to our new prom royalty, can't wait till next time.



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