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Newbie Abuse

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Have you ever seen someone be discourteous to a new citizen? I know you have; it happens everywhere. Sadly, people being mean to new citizens has become a reality in Whyville. I can't go anywhere without seeing someone being mean to these poor citizens. What makes us want to bully new citizens? I asked ArcaineX and cat994 this question.

FlVE: Why do you think older citizens sometimes bully newer citizens?
ArcaineX: Because older citizens have been on here longer and they think they know everything.

FlVE: Why do you think older citizens sometimes bully newer citizens?
cat994: Because they believe they're superior to new Whyvillians. But they aren't.

FlVE: Are you saying that everyone should be treated equally?
cat994: Yes, because there's no reason for new users to be bullied just for being new.

Both answers seem pretty logical. Some people enjoy the feeling of fake superiority over people. Since the Internet makes you anonymous, this is the perfect place to bully. There is no consequence other than your Internet reputation will be ruined. But you can always make a new account, right? That's what makes this a win-loose situation; bullies are the winners and the new citizens are the losers.

There's also that ever derogatory term "newb" or "noob". Both terms have similar meanings. "Newb" is a term for a new citizens that just wants some honest fun. "Noob", however, is a new citizens who causes trouble and is mean to others. But from what I have seen on Whyville, to some, every new citizens is a "noob" to some people. These term missuses have become so bad, that "newb" and "noob" have become insults. This has to stop.

I asked random Whyvillians what they think about the rudeness to new citizens. Here's what one person told me:

FlVE: Do you think people should be rude to new citizens?
emrox521: No, because everyone was new at one point. Who cares if they're new or not?

She's right. We were all new once. It shouldn't matter how old an account is. I made this account after my first account expired. I had talked about something that had happened a year before it was made, and an anonymous Whyvillian checked my City Records. He saw that this account was new, and began bullying me and calling me a "stupid noob" because my account was new. Some people don't even base their judgment on how a citizen acts, but on the fact that the player's age isn't as high as theirs.

Since when did account age become a big deal? Instead of judging account age, we should really base our judgments on a person's personality. If there comes a time where people are judged by just their personality, don't be rude! I interviewed VrejsBoy and here's what he said:

VrejsBoy: The reason they are annoying is because we call them noobs and ignore them. If I said to you, "GET AWAY FROM ME NOOB", how would you react? How would you feel?

We really need to put our feet into their shoes when we talk to new citizens rudely, even older citizens! There are people behind those colored pixels. If we're mean to new citizens, and those new citizens give bad feedback to people curious about Whyville, who would want to join? I wouldn't.

Most of the people I interviewed said that new citizens should be treated fairly. But I did meet one person who said something rather curious. Her username is brigette5 and here is what she said to me:

FlVE: Do you think people should treat new players nicely?
brigette5: Nope, not really.
FlVE: Why?
brigette5: Because they should earn the title to not be newbs.
FlVE: How do they earn this title?
brigette5: Don't be a newb. That's how.
FlVE: Well, new players can't exactly help being new.
brigette5: I didn't say that. We all go through that treatment.
FlVE: But why?
brigette5: Because it's already like that.
FlVE: But can't people change?
brigette5: You need a lot more than 1 person to make a change.

What she had said to me shocked me, and even appalled me a bit. Is this what we have come to? New citizens have to earn the right to not be "newbs"? Is there some kind of ritual I've never heard of? It's amazing how cruel some people can be. But she is right about one thing; we need more than one person writing about it in the Whyville Times. Readers, you need to go out there and spread the message! Be nice to new citizens! Help them, answer their questions! VrejsBoy also said to me:

VrejsBoy: I think that if they see our generosity, they might share it with other players, too.

Spread the word, dear reader! I leave you this parting message from elmo32175:

elmo32175: People think new citizens are just noobs. But they are just like us when we started.


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