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The Mysterious of the Mysterious: Part 2

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"Kay, there's got to be a mistake here," Kpuff said, strolling fearlessly over to the bottom step and collapsing onto it. "But there isn't!" Cloudy, one of my friends, yelled. He was really upset and scared, I could see. "It's okay, Cloudy," I assured him, but I wasn't so sure.

I sighed and passed Cloudy, who was frozen in the corner. Despite his scary, emo look, he was a coward. Dawn, on the other hand, stomped over to Kpuff and got right in her face. "Look, I know what I heard! There's a monster or something in here! Maybe it's in the closet or something. We need to check." I had paused when Dawn had started speaking, but now I proceeded over to Kpuff and sat next to her. As I did this, Kpuff shot back a reply. "Dude, I was right next door and I didn't hear that roar of yours!" she shouted, obviously offended. I decided to try and settle the dispute. "I dunno, Dawn. Maybe it was just our imagination," I murmured, a bit disappointed. I had wanted an adventure, I guess.

"But we all heard it!" Dawn protested. I then realized she was right. That didn't make any sense.

"Maybe we should go ask other citizens for help," I suggested doubtfully, but then all of my friends looked at me, surprised. "You're right!" Cloudy said, his virtual face telling that he was obviously delighted with the idea. "Exceptional," Kpuff agreed, beaming. Dawn, on the other hand, just shrugged. I think she was just jealous that I had come up with the clever idea and not her. "Where should we go?" she asked, crossing her arms. "Why, Beach South, of course!" Cloudy laughed. He started for the door, Kpuff, Dawn, and I following.

We were a bit frazzled when we walked out and thought of the long way we'd have to go on foot. My friends and I, that is. Kpuff simply said, "Summon Scion," and a bright orange one popped up to us right before our eyes. "Wow," Dawn mouthed to me. When I looked at her, I saw that she had a shocked expression.

"Hop in," Kpuff ordered, slipping into her scion and inviting all of us. Then we drove off.


When we arrived, it was obviously busy. It took a few tries for us to get into the proper room, but we finally got in. When we did, I was nearly deafened (or rather, blinded) by the many chat bubbles floating around my head. I was so used to the quiet of the Whyhouse, I guess.

Almost as soon as the scion door opened, the scion itself vanished, and so did Kpuff. "Kpuff?!" I called, a small quiver in my voice. Where had she gone? Did the monster take her? But my hopes lifted as I spotted the same plaid blue shirt she was wearing. But then again, there were tons of plaid shirts, so I was drowned in a sea of plaidness. "Kpuff!" I yelled again, trying to get her to maybe shout back. But her voice was not heard. I went all around, looking each and every directions, but there was no Kpuff to be seen.

One thought came to my head. "We're doomed."


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