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Another year has passed, and as each year goes past, the shorter they seem to last. This year, I learned a lot.

I joined a great school program this year. I had extra classes and about 12 hours at school everyday. Sounds like a lot? Well, I loved it there. I loved the teachers, and I loved the environment and feeling every time I stepped foot into the middle school building.

The school test scores are the highest in the district, and I am proud to say I am one of the people in this school program. I am indeed ahead of most in the state middle schools. As smart as test scores may say I am, there are different types of smart . . .

I learned this year I am relationship stupid! Long story short; I went out with a guy who my friend said was bad news, and did I listen? Of course not. He was hot, and he seemed nice. Little did I know, that everything he was saying to me, was all a lie. He was just trying to get close to me, so he could get what he wanted. So after the heartbreak, it was a big slap in the face that I should have listened to my best friend. It was all drama, and stupidity. So big two lessons here? Choose your friends over ANY guy/girl you like. Listen to them, they know you best. Second, when your heart and the voice in your head is saying what is right and wrong, follow your head. Because at this age, your "heart" is a big fat way to get in trouble. Follow your head, and do what's right.

Another lesson I learned was to ask myself, "What happens next?". If you do that, then you are more likely going to have a better outcome in the things you do. For example, let's say that you're about to do a crazy jump on a skateboard and it's risky that you might break a bone. If you play "What happens next?", you'd see that if you broke a bone, first off, that would hurt, and would be scary! You may also see the actual risk of braking bones, where as before, you may have just thought about doing a crazy jump. Overall: think before you do things, and this goes with school work, or anything to you.

One other big lesson I learned was to not procrastinate! For those of you who don't know what that means, it basically means to put something off. And in this case, I mean cleaning my room, and my school work. The longer you wait, the harder it is. I guarantee that if you do your assignment or a "job (which to me is cleaning my room)" first, before you do what you want, it is so much less stressful. (Hint: Play "What happens next?") So when doing my school work, I would get hungry, then tired, then I would just skip my homework and put it off and I told myself I would just do it in the morning. If only I had just got it done . . . I would have received a better grade, and it would have been less stressful for me when I had to do it last second. Lesson: Don't wait last second to do things, they just build up, and it just makes it harder for yourself.

For those of you now going to middle school, or any type of school, just do your best. Everybody every year at least has 1 huge lesson they learned. I had all my school subjects all smarted out, and I learned those lessons everyday, they were called classes. But you don't just learn from classes, you learn from experiences and memories. Hopefully maybe some of you even learn from my mistakes and my lessons learned.



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