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Broken Spell

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How did this happen?

That is the only thing I've been thinking for the past while . . . How? Were we really that incompatible?

Or did your spell break?

I think it was your spell. It broke. You couldn't hold me in your trance that long. I had a feeling in my gut the second you wrote those few words, 'Will u go out w/me?', that something wasn't right. But, instead of saying 'No, sorry,' I panicked, and I said yes, of course. Why? I have no idea.

My stomach has twisted and turned every minute today, every time I thought of you. I don't know why, but it now seems like a stupid idea; I should have never agreed to 'date' you. The spell you cast upon my heart is broken. It no longer works. When I hear your name, my mind does not get thrilled. When I see your face, my heart does not skip a beat. It's just empty. I think of you as much as I can, and it's still empty.

Maybe I am a smart girl.

So, how did this happen? Your spell lasted for a while. But now, it's gone. Just like that. I didn't even think about it a second more, I didn't need to time to review my options. I just knew.

Your heart is broken, but if you didn't only rely on your spell book, maybe you'd have a true chance at love.


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