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Best Friends, Through Thick and Thin

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I remember the day I met you at summer camp. We were only 7 years old; I didn't know you but we bunked in the same cabin. We were complete opposites, you had brown hair and green eyes and I had blonde hair and blue eyes. I was into reading, and you were into gymnastics. At first it didn't seem like you liked me, so I didn't try to talk to you and just read my books.

At camp you and your big sister were always with each other and would ride bikes together everyday . So one day I decided to follow you. I had just learned to ride my bike without training wheels, but you were a pro! So I acted cool like I knew how to ride a bike like you did and that didn't turn out too well. The road was slippery from the rain and I slipped and scraped my knee, and you left laughing at me. So I grabbed my bike and limped back to the cabin. When you got back I confronted you, you apologized and from that day on we always talked.

When the summer ended we promised to call each other every day when we got home from school. It worked out for about a month but then you stopped answering my calls and never returned them. So I gave up. Months passed and we still didn't talk. I figured since we went to two different schools you were busy with your new friends from school. In the middle of the second grade school year my mom got a job offer in the same town you lived in. I was ecstatic! We were going to go to the same school and become best friends again, but my mom declined the job offer and we were still separated. Summer rolled around and I packed my stuff up and headed to camp. I greeted all my summer camp pals, and expected for you to be there but you weren't.

Years later, we moved near you; by then I had already forgotten about you. We were both going in to middle school. On the first day of school we were both puzzled and had no clue where to go or what to do. So we both walked to class, our first period class was chorus. I didn't recognized you but you recognized me, and ironically the teacher had placed our seats right next to each other. We were finally reunited and I was so happy to see a friendly face I knew. We are so alike and so different in so many ways now, your hair is brown, my hair is brown, we both have freckles and you have blue colored contacts, and ever since then we have been two peas in a pod.

Yes we disagree, but never once in the 7 years I've known you have we been in an argument or stopped being friends; you're always there for me and I'm always here for you. That shows we are truly best friends. So thank you for being my best friend.

Friendship isn't about whom you've known the longest it's about, who came and never left. - Unknown author.


Authors note: There's much more I could write, but one article could never explain it all.


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