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The Bear Attacks

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One day, Angiecow and her friend, Bakeries, were in the Bazaar, reading a copy of the Whyville Times they had picked up.

Angiecow read some of the news, and it turned out a wild bear had escaped from the zoo! Well, at least it wasn't coming to Whyville, considering Whyville does not have a zoo.

But, the bear DID come to Whyville! Angiecow screamed, however, Bakeries was completely ignorant to the roaring bear behind her.

The bear took Bakeries hostage! Angiecow ran after the bear, but the bear was much too fast. They rushed off to the Trading Post.

Angiecow considered what had just happened, and concluded the bear had escaped. She stopped, and thought about how she should help. She also thought about what kind of doughnut she should get. Then she thought about what might happen to her friend, if she didn't help!

Then she forgot if Akbar actually has a moustache. He does, so she went back to trying to help her friend. Angiecow worried about how the bear might hurt her if she rushed after it, but then again, the bear might hurt her friend. So she rushed to the Trading Post, ready to save her friend! To be continued . . .

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