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I'm assuming since you clicked on this, you are wanting my advice. No, I don't believe you need it. I don't think anyone absolutely needs my advice, unless you have no conscious of your own. But, let's get on with the article. Shall we?

Why shouldn't I be rude to new Whyvillians? Some older ones did that to me!

Well, use your common sense! Yes, a few of those rude, older users shouldn't have treated you like that, since I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate being in your position. However, does doing what some older users did to you make you seem any less rude than they were? Picture yourself as one of those newbies. Think about how you felt when they bullied you. Do you think the newest users feel any different than how you did? In the new users' eyes, you're just as bad as the ones who treated you wrong. Would you really like to be known that way to them?

Sure, you might get praised by the old users that used to bully you. Sure, you might feel so much better letting that all out after being tormented as a newbie. Yet you need to use more than your brain. You have a heart, and those newbies you are picking on have one too.

'Hate fills up the heart until it has to burst out on the innocent'

It's so tempting to spam the forums . . . Why shouldn't I do it?

There's your answer right there. Temptation. It takes over us, leads us to do something that we could possibly regret in our future. Now, tell me. What could you gain from doing so? Suspension from the forums? Hate messages from the ones who are fed up with it? If anyone listened to their temptation, would they be the person they wanted to be? Would their goal to be well known still be possible? Why take the risk? Write down these questions, read them to yourself. Maybe the answers will make you think twice about doing something idiotic, such as spam.

And for those of you who wouldn't give this idea a second thought, good for you. You're taking those steps to resist temptation a little speedier than the rest. If you make it to the top, don't stop there. Keep on going until you've reached your permanent rest point.

'Tis one thing to be tempted, another thing to fall'

Why isn't anyone giving me clams? I'm asking nicely!

If you can't expect someone to give you life on a silver platter, how can you expect them to just give you clams? Some users might need them for a beauty contest coming up, and can't afford to donate you any. Maybe 1 out of 20 Whyvillians, possibly not even that, will give you a little amount of clams out of pure generosity. If someone whispers to you, 'no way newb!' you'll assume they're greedy and rude. However, isn't that sort of what you sound like? Greedy and rude? Users don't appreciate you asking them for their clams they earned on their own time. So they would assume you are too greedy and lazy to go earn your own virtual money. Maybe there will be a few kind users who will feel bad for you. But you should feel guilty if they give you any, since you're too lazy to go play some clam earning games. Why, it might even be easier than repeatedly typing, 'kan i have sum clams?' You never know.

'Generosity hasn't a limit'

I know you've seen a lot of olbie and newbie conflict articles and occurrences, but you need to know, it takes effort from both parties. Not just the newbie, and not just the oldbie.

Author's Note: I think I need to list my source from the quotes. Two were from my head, but the temptation quote is, word for word, from thinkexist.com.


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