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Far From Perfect

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I remember the days from a while back when I insisted I had to do every thing perfectly.

If my weight ever ended up being a larger number than I wished, I'd insult myself by saying I was fat. If I were to ever see a grade lower than an A on a test I took, I'd say I was dumb. I wouldn't loosen up and allow myself to just enjoy the ride of life. I'd be discouraged if I couldn't be perfect in all that I did.

No one is perfect. No one has to be. And no one ever will be.

Through all the mistakes I've made, it's become more obvious that I'm bound to mess up in all that I do. And insulting myself is only another mistake itself. I should be proud of myself no matter what. Why do I have to be the perfect weight? I don't. Do I truly need to be upset when I don't get the grade I expect? No. As long as I work hard for what I earn, I'll be just fine.

I'm far from perfect.

No matter what I do to succeed, I'll never manage to make it even close to perfect. I'll just have to except the fact and keep going. In the end of my time, all that I truly want to be able to say is 'I've tried my best and I'm proud.' If I put all my concentration, skill and time into whatever it is that I'm doing, I'll know I couldn't have done any better. Although, that doesn't mean I'll always succeed.

I've realized I'll always be at the top of the world though.

I'm over the thought of attempting to be perfect. I'll always be standing at the top of the world if I'm sure I tried my best. And I'll be standing at the top of the world until time's time ends.



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