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A New Chapter

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These past years have swept past me as fast as a bolt of lightning surrenders down from the sky. The numbers of smiles I saw outlined on my classmates' faces throughout the days increased immensely as I gained the friendship of more and more of them. And don't forget how some of those friendships have been abandoned as we grew older.

I grew up with these kids and spent time with them for years. Some have gained a special place in my heart, which entitles me to be willing to confide in them. We have all gained much more responsibility throughout the years. We have grown more and more mature together and deal with problems that occur that are easier to handle, regardless of the situation. And most importantly, we have gained each others respect based on our actions.

We have all stuck together as a team, no matter what effect a situation had on us as a whole. When someone messed up, and walked down the wrong path on our journey of life, we turned around and found that friend. And we encouraged them to keep their best foot forward, no matter what damage they had done.

But then, on June 15th, I walked into that elementary school for the final time. I didn't really think too highly of my fifth grade graduation at first. I hadn't even ever imagined that day would come. I walked in to my school feeling a mite nervous, but got over it after a few minutes. And once the ceremony was over, I confidently walked outside.

Once my car began to stroll past my school, I turned around and took one last glimpse at my memories. I won't ever sit in one of those burgundy colored chairs, listening to Mrs. Graham as she teaches the class everything from writing to math. And I won't be considered a student at that school anymore.

In middle school, I know I'll have a lot more challenges to face and I'll have to take on even more responsibility. Those six years of elementary school just flew right past me. I'm honestly not sure where all that time went. But, now, it's time to move on to middle school. I'll be meeting lots of new people and can only hope to not let my old friends fade away.

I'll just have to step up to the challenges that await. I know it won't always be the easiest thing to do, but I've worked so hard and I need to prepare for what life holds. I've completed the early chapters of life. And now before me stands blank pages, waiting for adventures -- good and bad. Through whatever happens, I'll be successful if I try. And I'll miss my elementary school so dearly. I'll hold on to my memories, friends and dreams forever. I would do almost anything to relive my last day as a fifth grader. But, I know there's a time to continue, and a time to move on. Elementary school is now the past, yet the memories are current.

My future awaits, I have the power, the strength and knowledge to make the best of each situation. I ought to be proud to say I'm a sixth grader. I'm moving on to bigger things in life in order to gain the knowledge and experience I'll need to be successful. I have not exactly decided whether I'm proud or not. But, honestly, I'm sure that deep down inside, I truly am.


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