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What Does it Take?

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In many City Records, you see that people are Street Team Members, Whyville Guides (not posted in City Records), or Y-Mail Helpers. You may be one of them, or wonder, "How did this person become a Y-Mail Helper or Street Team Member?" How are all these things possible? Can I become one also? These are a few things that might be raging through your mind right now. Who knows, maybe you apply to all of the above, or just maybe you want to become one of these things. But just how do you do that? I'll tell you the requirements for each of these wonderful things.

Street Team Member

A person on the Street Team is someone who recruits their friends to come on Whyville. That person could send an email to their friends, or tell them to join Whyville, but also give them their unique Street Team code. This code lets Whyville know that you have recruited someone to join our wonderful world. Once you are a Silver level Street Team member (5 recruits) you can have access to the Whyville Cove chat room. Now don't go and make 5 accounts to be able to get into the Cove. The member must become active by visiting at least 5 days. There are no requirements for you to become a Street Team Member, so a newbie or oldbie can join the Whyville Street Team.

Whyville Guide

A Whyville Guide is someone that shows newbies some of the main places to go around Whyville. Whyville Guides and newbies are the only citizens that are allowed to be in the Welcome Lounge. Unlike the Whyville Street Team program though, there are some requirements to become a Whyville Guide. You must have passed the chat test, visited Whyville for twenty days or more, have at least 30 clams of a salary, and absolutely no punishments for at least thirty days. These may seem like a lot of requirements just to show some newbies around Whyville, but really it's just some pretty minor stuff. The best part of being a Whyville Guide, though, is that you get clams for completing a tour.

Y-Mail Helper

Oh yes, the Y-Mail helper. Although these citizens don't only help you by y-mail, their name stands above the rest. I'm sure that we have all been to the Help Center, whether it was when you were a newbie, or even now when you need a silly question answered. Everyone knows who these citizens are, and maybe you can be one of them too. Unlike the Street Team and even the Whyville Guide, this position requires some real commitment to Whyville. There are four requirements for this job, and if you qualify for all of them, you too can become a great helper of Whyville. The requirements are that you must take the y-mail helper test once a week, been a Whyville citizen for at least ninety days, earn a hundred clam salary or more, and have a clean behavior record for the past ninety days. It sounds like a lot, but if you have the commitment, you will do whatever it takes to do this job.

City Worker

We all know who they are. Akbar, Cityhall, Holykow, and Cakeltame (a.k.a. Milkshake Man to those BBSer's) are a just a few. Some Whyvillians flood the Help Center if they could become one of these amazing people. No, you cannot, to answer your question simply. These people wake up in the morning and go to the office. Their job is to be a City Worker. City Workers manage Whyville, check the constant 911 reports, approve and disapprove face parts, and some City Workers even post in the BBS. That is only a few of their jobs as the "bosses" of Whyville.

Those are a few of the many things that us Whyville citizens can, or cannot do. Maybe you qualify to be a Y-Mail Helper, and are going to jump right on the opportunity, or possibly you make a little less than the salary needed to become a Whyville Guide. With a little time and effort, we can get some more of your friends to become citizens of Whyville thanks to your Street Team membership. My advice: try hard and stay honest, and everything you need will come to you.

Thanks for reading!
~Legochic6 a.k.a. Rosemary

Author's Note: I will happily take constructive criticism, and I would like that to be y-mailed to me as well as ideas for other articles.


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