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Music and Lyrics

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I was in my basement, studying, with the radio playing in the background. The next thing I knew, I had dropped my Q-cards, papers, and text books, and was up dancing among them, while singing the smooth but easy to remember lyrics.

I can't tell you what I prefer, the tune, or the lyrics. After all, lyrics would be nothing without tune, and vice versa. But what is it that really draws us in? The music? The lyrics? The artist? It's popularity? Or is it something more? Could there be a more mystical connection between music and lyrics?

In my opinion, the perfect song would have a beautiful melody, whether it was upbeat or more solemn, with wonderful, meaningful lyrics, that really make you think about what you're listening to. Today however, music's popularity is based more on it's tune, often upbeat, and the style, perhaps even the looks of the artist, while the lyrics are lacking. Still, it is something people, including myself, like to hear. Because happy, upbeat songs, are easier, and more fun, to listen to than meaningful songs that bring you down.

Then, while lyrics may not have a truly down-to-earth meaning, there are lyrics that work perfectly with their tune, and make it a truly wonderful song to listen to. I find that with most modern music, this is how it is. A fun, upbeat tune that you enjoy before you even hear the words - like a book, if you see the incredible cover, or an interesting title, it will draw you in before you even read the summary.

One of my favorite songs right now is "Somebody to Love" by Justin Bieber. Now before you close this article if you don't like him, hear me out. It has a very catchy tune, and the opening lyrics are great for the music. "For you I'd write a symphony, I'd tell the violins, it's time to sink or swim, watch them play for you," These are a prime example of how I was describing virtually meaningless lyrics with a perfect tune - these lyrics don't exactly make you ponder the meaning of life, but rather make you feel happy.

Music is beautiful. Words can be beautiful. The two together can make a dynamite duo. Although I'd say hits music isn't really going to change, every now and then there is that perfect song - the one with the perfect leading notes that make you listen, with a fabulous set of words that make you think, and you'll know it when you hear it. All we need is a little time.


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