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The Love of My Life

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Mocha. Your name gives me a warm shiver up my spine when I think about you. From the moment we saw your picture online to when Daddy brought you home, I've loved you. Your light caramel-colored fur, the curly-q tail, all of you just makes perfection. It took me so much just to convince our parents to get you, but it was worth it. I thought I had named you before we even saw you and your personality. Summer, Cheetos, Poco, and Skittles were the family names that we came up with together. When we saw you, we were all wrong.

After months and months of our asking, that cold March morning got so much better. We were about to go up to the corner to wait for the bus, when Daddy said one of the best things I could ever imagine, "Girls, we're going to get that dog tonight." Our mom had known this as well, so she stood there and watched our gleaming faces perspire with joy. We sprinted to the corner and happily told our neighbors. Conveniently, I had a picture of you to show off to everyone, so they could see how cute you really were.

The situation of how we got you on a random Wednesday is sort odd. The people we got you from weren't breeders, but rightful dog owners. They didn't know how extremely hyper you are, and couldn't handle you because they worked 5-6 five days a week. They also named you Nibbles, which did fit, but had no personality. Really, what we did was rename you Mocha, and save you from the shelter. There were posters in many Wawa's so while we took a bathroom break I took one, because in about 45 minutes, that dog being advertised would be rightfully ours.

You were so so small that we all just wanted to put you in our pockets and keep you there forever. Now, a year and a half later, you're a 16 pound lump of joy. We played with you all night, and tried to pick the perfect name. None of the ones we had previously approved of didn't fit this little pup's needs. She was, and still is, so very hyper that no name would suit her. Finally, a day later, Erin thought of the perfect name: Mocha. It rang with joy and even the hyperactivity that all names should have, human or pet.

I love you to the ends of the Earth and would never give you up. As I write this I can hear you snoring on the floor, legs open, paws off to the side like you're praying. I will never forget that day, March 28, 2009.

Signing off to go walk the dog,


Author's Note: This was a real family experience, and my sister Erin is ec101. Mocha is a 16 pound shih-poo, and healthy as ever. Thanks so much for reading!


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