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Profanity in Whyville

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I'm pretty sure we've all seen the use of profanity in Whyville, whether it's talking about a dirty subject, or full out cussing someone out. My question is: Why? Why use such filthy words? Exactly why do you need to talk like this knowing it's so wrong? Because your parents say them? Because your friends say them?

Peer pressure.

Is there really a such thing as peer pressure? Sure, it's a lovely thing to blame when you make a mistake around your friends, but can you really blame something you chose to do on them? I've been in the situations before, plenty of times, but my teacher taught me something I can do besides follow them. Deny them.

Whyville is an educational website aimed at kids ages 8 to 15. It teaches life virtually through the process of work and being social. And though it's a virtual life and we have salaries, it doesn't mean people have to talk like it. Part of being an adult, in my opinion, is having respect for others. I've more than once asked a person to calm their tone, but half the time what I get was verbal abuse. Whyville is teaching you to be an adult, but the outcome of being offended from profanity was abuse. There are actual kids on this website too, you know. I'm pretty sure their parents don't want to hear, "Mom, what the ___ are you doing?" It looks bad on Whyville, and it certainly doesn't look any better on you.

Maybe Whyville should bump up their monitors a little bit more because kids are getting away with saying very obvious things, and some people just don't want to look at it. What's Whyville doing to stop this? They keep saying the material over and over again daily, and I see none of them taped. Report them, right? People don't always get taped just because you report them, and I have a feeling others have tried too many times.

So I'm asking you readers and Whyville. Please encourage your fellow Whyvillians to stop using such words and phrases because they can be hurtful and offensive, not to mention annoying. And don't say it because you think it's funny or you'll become popular, because chances are you won't. At least think about it next time you type. Will I be offending anyone? Should I say it? Now I know for a fact that virtually none of you will do this, but think about it. If you have to censor it that much just to get through, is it really worth it?

Your fellow Whyvillian (and proud),


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