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The Whyville Bear Attacks: Part 2

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Angiecow quickly sets off on the trail of her friend . . . to the Trading Post. She asks Brett if he has seen anything suspicious, such as a bear who is kidnapping a Whyvillian.

Brett obviously has hearing issues.

Meanwhile, in Trading Post room 50 . . .

The Whyvillian is being traded to a delinquent as our hero searches the Trading Post! Oh no!

Our hero's java is loading, but as it loads, she overhears their conversation. She hears them say goodbye, but she must catch the delinquent! She goes to where most delinquents go. THE WOODS.

Angiecow searches quickly for the punk who got her friend.

Oh my! She was hiding in the snow. Angiecow exclaims, "There she is, hiding in the snow!" Which proves to be incredibly dumb, because the delinquent now knows our hero was searching for her.

Upon Angiecow's words, the villain escapes. Angiecow rushes to The Grotto. All the wise masters of Whyville go there. She asks a wise-ish master-ish looking person if she has seen a bear, her friend or a delinquent.

The People of The Grotto have not seen her friend!

What will happen to Angiecow or Bakeries? More importantly, what will happen to WHYVILLE? An evil duo of a bear/kidnapper and a kidnapper in general is running loose! Angiecow must catch both of them and turn them in.

Tune in next time on . . . "The Whyville Bear Attacks: Part 3"!

Although it's not really based on the bear much anymore.

-Angiecow, "Our hero"

Author's Note I apologize to the 'delinquents' in Woods, because everyone knows you are not really delinquents. Actually, let's just hope none of you are actually delinquents.


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