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I'm Not Very Good at Saying Goodbye: Introduction

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When I heard the painful words "I'm moving" escape your mouth I didn't feel a thing. I couldn't even imagine life without you. It was a ridiculous thought; it couldn't be true. "My parents say they are tired of this small town. They already found a house in Virginia." She says hardly speaking above a whisper. I could see that she was trying so hard not to cry. Could it really be happening? Was my best friend actually leaving me?

I stared at her with a blank expression on my face as she boarded her school bus. I stood there, dazed about what was going until her bus rolled out of our high school's parking lot. Suddenly I felt a bullet of truth hit my heart. She was going to leave me next year all alone.

I started walking home that day hardly feeling my feet hit the ground. I was sort of surprised I hadn't broken down and started bawling yet. "You have to be strong." I told myself, swallowing a lump in my throat that kept on rising.

I crept around my house and saw my mom weeding our flower garden. She smiled at me, wiping her sweating forehead on her gloves. A thick glob of dirt fell into her bangs but I couldn't crack a smile. Mom instantly realized something was wrong. She stood up and asked me what happened. I didn't feel like explaining anything. All that I could do was give into my tears.

As I went inside my mom plopped down on the couch and beckoned for me to sit next to her. I tried to be silent but it was too hard keeping this from her. "Bailey's moving," I tell her. A loud sob escaped my throat. Bailey had been there for me since we were 9. We were inseparable and everybody knew how strong our friendship was. "Oh sweetie," my mom cried giving me a hug. Unfortunately her arms around me weren't going to be comforting. I couldn't think of anything except Bailey staying that would make me feel better. What was I going to do?


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