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Am I Who Everyone Thinks

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Diversity, difference, places, gender, race. These are all words to describe who we are, but inside we are all the same. Or are we? I am different. Different hair, different eyes, different mind. I feel as though I am a ninety five year-old trapped on the merry-go-round! The question is, am I really the person everyone sees?

Can you tell me why I feel this way? No. Can you feel the same as me? NO. Can you give me a detailed description of why everything in this world happens? No. Can you help others like me? Yes.

I am not who everyone thinks. I am a scener, not a poser. Not a pod person, I am in my own world. I do not write novels, I write poems. Everyone expects me to be perfect because I was that person once. I am not anymore. I have changed. The question remains in the back of my mind as I write this. Am I who everyone thinks? No I am not.

I was a different person, but I have made a drastic change. Yes, I may look the same on the outside with minor changes to my hair, eyes and face. Yes, I dress sort of like the other me, but I am not that person! I am ME! The only me on the face of the planet and I am proud of that. I may be crazy and funky and might have totally been too nice or mean at times. But I am proud of being the one and only Me.

I am not who everyone thinks I am or sees in me. I am definitely not who everyone thinks I am. Does that answer your question?

~Signing off to go to bed, this is Kaitllyn saying to be true to your heart!


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